October Vacation, hopefully on a beach
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"Romantic" vacation ideas for October? Departing from central Ohio.

My wife and I would like to take the proverbial "last child-free vacation" in October. We would prefer a beach locale, but most of the locations we've thought of so far seem too expensive (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica), with flights alone costing $600 - $900. We also like hiking, so our dream vacation would be something like Dominica, but I don't think we can swing that right now. We're currently living in central Ohio. Someone brought up Myrtle Beach, which is within a day's drive, but it sounds like it wouldn't be all that warm there in October.

Any ideas?
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It's not beachy but it is my parents 100% favorite thing to do now that they're empty-nesters: get a cottage at Glenlaurel, enjoy peace and quiet and the hot tub under the stars, and then enjoy disturbing your (future) children with tales of the hot tub under the stars.

Otherwise I'd just put a fare alert onto some warm beachy locations and wait for airfares to come down. Alternatively, what about a cruise?
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October is prime fall leaf-viewing time, and since you mention you like hiking, is there any chance you'd like camping, too? Or renting a cabin someplace where you can hike around all day, or take scenic drives to see the leaves, and eat at pokey little restaurants? My friends are big into hiking and camping and just had a little one, and they've been missing their camping days. (Hiking is more easily accommodated with a baby backpack, but sleeping in a tent is tougher with a newborn.)

If you'd be into a hiking setting instead of the beach, you could keep the travel distance shorter and either camp or stay in a cabin to keep costs down. Just a thought!

The amount of vigorous hiking you would want to do may depend on how far along your wife is, if she will be pregnant at that time, too.

Congrats to you if you are expecting, or if you are expecting to be expecting!

*I am much more a mountain person than a beach person; YMMV.
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Flying is expensive right now, but October will probably be on the edge of off-season time in most beach destinations. We're at the other end of the kid-free timeline, but we loved to go camping in the Hocking Hills in October, either in tents or cabins. We found the Glenlaurel overly pretentious and full of itself, but they obviously appeal to someone 'cause I just looked and they've expanded widely in the last 20 years (we went when it was just the main lodge). We had the best times of all in the state-run cabins.
You might consider expanding your search for originating airport. JetBlue has flights from PIT to Aruba via NYC, for example. You'll waste a day getting there, but once you're there it'll be cheap. Also consider South Padre, you can fly into Harlingen or Brownsville, and it looks to be about $450 from CMH and CLE, though your time there might be more expensive.
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Are you leaving from Columbus?

If you use the Kayak Explore feature, going out of Columbus in October, you can get to Cancun for $360, San Juan PR for $380, Bermuda for $390, and Aruba for $440. That's awesome!
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We got married in Corolla, NC (the Outer Banks) and often go back for our anniversary 10/10. It is technically hurricane season, but 4 times out of 5 it's been warm enough to go in the ocean or the pool. Also, the rates drop after mid-september, making it possible to get a beach front house for $1000 . . .
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