Updating to HD Album Artwork: Best free, painless software solution
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Looking for a slick way to update the album artwork for a large (>150gb) music library on a PC. The key here is updating to HD album artwork. My smartphone has a really high res screen and most artwork looks awful on it. What's the easiest, most painless way to do this (for free!)?

I still organise my music in iTunes, although I have less reason to use it these days (I use an android smartphone with a 1080 x 1920 display as my daily music player). EVERYTHING in my library has artwork, at an average of about 400px to 600px, I have been a very meticulous music hoarder over the years.

Ideally I'd like a program that extracted the album artwork from each album, did a Google image search with it, downloaded the largest resolution equivalent and then exchanged it in the file. I reckon a 1200px artwork will suffice, although making it even more future-proof would be nice. I have tried MediaMonkey and it isn't very good at working on its own.

Most options I have come across are clumsy, expensive or terrible at finding the right images. Ideally I'd like to leave a program to do the hard work for me, although I realise a bit of hands on is probably needed.
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Folks will probably recommend Tune Up and it's the one that I use. Not sure if it has an HD toggle or not. They do provide a free trial, so it might be worth a look before ponying up the money for the full version.
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I don't recommend the latest version of TuneUp (what the latest v3 is) because it is extremely slow. I had to use an order v2.4.6 in order to get it to actually work at a decent pace.
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