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So ever since the new iTunes version came out for iPhone, when you open it up, it starts at the radio screen. Not "Now Playing" or even "Songs." It opens to the thing that doesn't work with my usage plan and I have to change it back. Every. Single. Time. So It's an annoyance. The question is, is there ANY way to change it short of jailbreaking the thing?
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Are you opening iTunes Store or Music? When I open Music it opens to my Now Playing or whatever (I have a 5s and am on iOS 7).
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Yeah, when I click Music it opens to whatever I played last. At least within a short period of time.

Just off the top of my head: Play something from the Radio playlist for a minute, then bail out and go to whatever music you want. Maybe it's trying to let you know Radio exists, and once you say "Yes, yes, I acknowledge you" it won't be such a needy puppy. (Again... no clue whether that will work.)
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Tap "More" in the bottom right corner. Then tap "Edit" in the upper right corner. Then put "Songs" (or "Artists" or whatever you want) in the first position instead of "Radio." I think that might do it!
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Response by poster: That totally worked! Thanks!
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