iTunes seems to have split several podcasts I follow into two similarly named podcasts. Help me bring them into a great conjunction again.
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Several of my podcasts (This American Life, Radio West, and Radiolab) have split in two in iTunes. Help what was sundered and undone be made whole, the two made one.

By "split in two" I mean they show up under two different headings under the "Podcasts" section of iTunes. I have about two dozen episodes of TAL (mainly from 2007) listed under one "This American Life" podcast. And another 60+ (2008-present) under another podcast, also labelled "This American Life" (though the graphics are different -- the newer one has the more recent purple/orange logo and the older one has a, well, older blue/white logo). If I look in the finder, these are actually in two directories "This American Life" and "This American Life Podcast" respectively. If I try putting them all in the same directory and reimporting, it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Radio West is a pretty similar story... the "Radio West" podcast has about 100 episodes from 2007-2008, in the "Radio West" directory, the "PRI: Radio West" podcast has about another 100 more recent episodes that seem to want to be in the "PRI_ Radio West" directory, even if re-imported.

Because RadioLab just has to be different, it's spreading out over two directories but seems to be showing up under one heading inside iTunes.


1) What likely happened here?
2) How do I get iTunes to organize the older episodes with the newer ones?
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Not positive, but I had a similar problem with a podcast recently and I think I solved it by doing the following:

1. Right-click the podcasts grouped under the "This American Life" folder (or the other ones if you'd prefer to change them) and select Get Info.
2. Go to the Sorting tab and you should be able to change the Album name there so that it matches the other.

I'd also suggest moving the files into the newer folder on your hard drive and changing the path of the files in iTunes.
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I had the same thing happen to Radiolab last week (although not to TAL). One subscription had only 6-7 shows, whereas the other had all of them available. I ended up just deleting the first one, since I'd already listened to those 6-7 episodes anyway.
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Is it doing this on your computer, or your iphone, or both? It's splitting them up ONLY on my phone itself, in itunes on my harddrive it's normal. WTF?
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