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I'm looking to hang out in a voice server and idly chat with strangers during the evenings and wee hours of the night from time to time.

I have a hard time sleeping a few nights each week and have been working on ways to help ease me in. My latest venture has been to take up playing relaxing video games, but it's lonely and I'd like to be chatting with people, that's where you guys come in. Are you a part of or do you know of how I would go about finding communities of people that meet up online in voice servers and chat? Nothing in particular just late night idle chatter about life in general and whatever comes to mind. Looking for mature laid back settings, the kind of thing you would have over wine glasses on a patio during a cool evening.
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This might be overkill for your needs, but I get this out of Second Life ever since they introduced voice chat. There's usually a voice convo or two going on in Waterhead or Ahern, or heck, I have voice on at the MetaFilter parcel.
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Make your relaxing video game World of Warcraft, join a guild that has late night events and amusing people, and have fun. Might take awhile to find a good, non-immature group but I've had a lot of fun on Ventrilo.
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Looking for mature laid back settings, the kind of thing you would have over wine glasses on a patio during a cool evening.

NOT Chatroulette or Omegle.
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My boyfriend plays Guild Wars, and he's got a nice group that plays together in the evenings (and late into the night). They have their own Ventrilo server and often talk while on missions together, or just chat when playing separately. They're all very friendly and laid-back (and they're all gown-ups, more or less); if you're interested in the game at all I can send you the info to join.
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I play Puzzle Pirates and my crew/flag has its own Ventrilo server. Sometimes people talk game, other times it's just relaxing chat. There are just enough people from different time zones that you can normally find people on when it's odd hours for you but is evenings for them.
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Hey you sound cool..I have the same need I don't know how but I'd like to chat with ya!!I'm having a glass of wine right now AND a need to chat! Do you have a throw away e-mail?
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Response by poster: Wow thanks guys, several of you have MeFi Mail.

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