Is there an app for this? Collecting Annual Membership Dues
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Is there an online service that will help me streamline the process of once a year collecting a couple hundred bucks from 500-600 residents? And help automate the process of reminding people to pay up?

We collect yearly membership dues from between 500-600 residents for a homeowners association. I would like to automate the process and take it online. I have looked at Square, PayPal, Formstack, Dwolla, but so far haven't found a one-stop shop that I could input resident info, send reminders, and collect fees (probably via PayPal). What online service does this and is as bullet-proof (as possible) security-wise?
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Harvest would easily do the trick, but it may be overkill.
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Have you considered making the HOA dues a recurring Paypal payment? Paypal sends out an automatic reminder in advance that the dues are going to be taken from the account, and if the card information expires or there's some issue, an email is automatically sent to follow up etc. Here's some more info.
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A friend of mine manages something similar using Wild Apricot, and he's been quite happy with it.
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The non-profit that I work with uses Mailchimp combined with Chargebee and Stripe.

You could probably just use Chargebee + Stripe, or even just Stripe itself. Chargebee is a payment aggregator and will deal with sending out reminder / expiration emails and all that.

You might also be able to use Google Wallet.
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WePay might be what you want.
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