How can I pay my US taxes online after the due date?
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I e-filed my tax returns by the due date but couldn't pay them because I didn't have the money yet. Now I have the money, but am running into the bizarrely antiquated IRS payment system.

Apparently, since I did not set up a bank payment at the time of e-filing, that is no longer an option for me. (Please correct me if I am wrong).

The amount I owe is higher than the credit limit on my credit card, so that's a no go.

I signed up for the Electronic Federal Tax Paying System, but after registering, it told me I needed to wait to receive my PIN in the physical mail. So that adds a week of waiting time.

Is there any other way I can pay the IRS online?
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is there a reason you can't just send them a check? waiting for a pin adding a few days to your wait time isn't a big deal. you did what you can do--you just have to wait for the pin now.

also, if you don't HAVE checks, you can go to the usps and get money orders with your debit card now.
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I received my pin in about 3-4 days so it may get here before you think. But you can also call tomorrow morning and they can take your info over the phone. Be prepared to be on hold for quite a while.
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I've used them several times to pay taxes, including installment payments. They accept Debit cards. Only problem I've ever had is using their site in Chrome (browser) on a Mac.
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Seconding I have an installment agreement with the IRS due to a stupidty 10 years ago, and I pay them every month through that system. Easy and legit.
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I've been in the exact same situation and what I did was just wait.

After a few months the IRS will finally get all the tax returns processed and discover that you didn't pay. You'll get a letter in the mail letting you know. You actually get a couple until they start getting a little testy in the fall and start mentioning liens, etc.

You can then mail in your payment, call the IRS and set up a payment plan, or even do it online. You propose how much a month you would like to pay towards your back taxes and if they like the proposal the IRS will take it right from your checking account once a month on the date you choose.

The end-take here is that the penalties and interest rate they charge for paying late is a whole lot less than what you're probably paying on your credit card. So if you're comfortable with just letting it ride for a little while you'll come out just fine. This doesn't even show up on your credit report. The IRS is just happy that you're willing to pay it at all.
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The IRS website has a list of online payment processors that it accepts. I used Official Payments when I had to pay them money via internet.
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