I wanna do bad things with you.
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A friend of mine is looking for "awesome, sexy, scary, dark, Halloween-type songs that [she] can do burlesque to." She's thinking along the lines of the theme song from True Blood, although she's already done a routine to that song. So please, you masters of mixes, give us your scary-sexiest songs.
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Cannibal's Hymn by Nick Cave?
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Also this earlier thread might have some ideas.
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I Put a Spell On You, Screaming Jay Hawkins.
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Last Caress
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This might be cliche at this point, but when I think "awesome, sexy, scary, and dark," I think Nina Simone's version of I Put a Spell on You. It gives me shivers every time I listen to it.

On preview: there are probably tons of versions with slightly different feelings. The Screaming Jay one seems a bit more Halloween-y to me, for example.
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Pretty When You Cry by VAST.
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It's so 90s-ish, it's painful, but Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting might work.

Neko Case and Nick Cave did a cover of the Zombies' She's Not There, which I think is nice and creepy, but it's got a faster tempo. It was also used in True Blood, so that might work against it.
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Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy
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Goodnight Moon by Shivaree
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A couple Halloweens ago, Bruce Springsteen did a song about the Jersey Devil as a Halloween treat for fans.
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Sneaker Pimps' Small Town Witch is kind of sexy/burlesque-y.

King Khan and the Shrines' Shivers Down My Spine has a real burlesque-ness to it.
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Nick Cave Red Right Hand?
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Strange Face of Love by Tito and Tarantula
Killer by Plain White Ts
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Lullaby by The Cure is a good mix of creepy/slinky I think

A dancer I saw at one burlesque show came out and played the saw, then did a snake dance to Trust In Me (The Python's Song) that was deliciously chilling. Siouxsie and the Banshees did a cover that's pretty great.
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Might be too fast, but Florence + the Machine - Howl fits the theme.
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Thought of some more:
The Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs
People Are Strange, either by the Doors or the cover by Echo and the Bunnymen
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Digital Daggers' The Devil Within
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Fiona Apple does a cover of "Sally's Song" from Nightmare Before Christmas that might be a good fit.
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The Tell Tale Heart, or The cask of Amontillado from The Alan Parsons Project's Tales of Mystery and Imagination.
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Come Undone is dark and sexy, but maybe not scary enough.
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Almost everything in the soundtrack to Alan Wake, especially the "episode ending songs."
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Reminded of this while shopping for a tailcoat for Halloween in a local vintage store: Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party.
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Best answer: Oh, MAN, I just discovered the perfect song for such an occasion! It's Gauntlet Hair's "Bad Apple". It is simultaneously super-sexy and super-evil. When I played it for my sister in the car, her eyes went really wide and she muttered, "Jul, I'm going to be spending some time in the backseat... WITH THE SONG."
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You might want to look up a genre called "witch house" -- I'm pretty sure Pandora has a genre station for it.
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The Garden by Mirah.
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Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting.
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Poe -- Angry Johnny
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Best answer: St. James Infirmary (cover) by the Gutter Twins

It's definitely scary, and it's got what I think is a perfect slow burlesque beat. If you like that, a lot of the Gutter Twins, Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli and Afghan Whigs songs are similar. You'll also find others from Mark Lanegan that may work.
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Golden Palominos — The Ambitions Are. Creepy, sexual, though the melody is a bit flat.
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Ooooh, and TV on the Radio's "DLZ" also has a very similar vibe... slow-smouldering sinister. Like staring into the mirror in a dark bathroom whilst waaaay too much. A body could burlesque her ASS off to this song.
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Best answer: I think Dr. John's slow, New Orleans funky version of Season of the Witch would be damn near perfect for this.
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Morphine — Top floor, bottom buzzer
R.L. Burnside + Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — The Criminal Inside Me (the sexiest striptease I have ever witnessed was to this song)
Circus Contraption — We are All Mad ("dark cabaret", check out related videos)
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The Kinks - Wicked Anabella
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
The Mekons - Club Mekon
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Joe Henry - Stop

It's like an evil, sexy tango.

Note 1: Joe Henry' sister-in-law recorded a way less creepy, dance version of this song retitled "Don't Tell Me."
Note 2: Joe Henry's sister-in-law is Madonna.

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Garbage - #1 Crush (the version from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack)
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Mazzy Star - Rhymes of an Hour. All atmosphere and sexy as hell.
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James Luther Dickinson - O How She Dances

This one is creepy and sexy... and about a burlesque dancer at a sideshow.
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Manhattan by Cat Power.

"Don't look at the moon tonight ..."
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Morphine, yes, right sound, but I'd recommend
Morphine - The Night You're the night, Lilah, a little girl lost in the woods

28 Brains Later - Slamboree
Wrong sound, definitely Halloweeny, might be a bit fast. But the right sort of burlesque could work with it.

Can't view links or youtube, because I'm at work, so can't figure out which mashup of
"She wants revenge - Tear you apart" Google, I like best. I think it's the A + D one, but the one with Bauhaus might be it?

From my CreepSex playlist:
Damn Your Eyes (Etta James - cover by Alex Clare)
Definitely right burlesque mood, possibly not Halloweeny enough.

One of the few Lana Del Rey songs that work for me (somehow because it's completely, explicitly meant to be creepy)
Off to the Races 'My Old Man is... a Bad Man, but..."
Definitely Creepy, but possibly wrong sort of creepy, given it's all Lolita references etc.

Shoutout to Fame by Chococat from the earlier thread!
Been on my playlist for MONTHS, sounds like 'Fame' as sung by a serial killer. Awesome.
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Like a Bad Girl Should or Queen of pain by the Cramps seem made to order for sexy burlesque music.
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Maria McKee's This Property Is Condemned has the same New Orleans blues-meets-sweaty-sweaty-sex vibe as I Wanna Do Bad Things With You.

I'm on mobile so the link is here: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/This+Property+Is+Condemned/1eJH4a
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Some of Halestorm's songs might work, if a more heavy metal-ish sound would be okay. The first that came to mind was I Get Off, but Mz. Hyde could be good too.
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How has no one suggested Pucifer - Rev 22:20?
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Bad Devil - Devin Townsend
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Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)...the version by Emily Browning done for the movie Sucker Punch. Very creepy version of a strangely sexy song.
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Dark Night - From Dusk Till Dawn Soundtrack (Though your friend will have to compete with the Salma Hayek/snake burlesque from the movie!)
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Darling Nikki by Prince
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Beats Antique - Siren Song
Oppressive, sultry gypsy music with piano, strings, and some electro basslines. No lyrics.

Collide - Razor Sharp
Super smooth electro-lounge with a dangerous edge to it. Female vocals.

Kid Beyond - Wandering Star
A cover of Portishead's song. It's, um, beatboxed. Ok, I know, but really, it's great! Similar to the original version, but bassier, a little more hiphop, and male vocals.

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
More sexy than scary, but it's still got a fairly dark feel. Piano and electro with female vocals by Hope Sandoval.
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Marc Almond doing Saint Judy. Creepy in a deliciously sleazy, sleazy way and dying to be burlesqued to if you think you can out burlesque Mr Almond. (You can't.)
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Anything from Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" album. "Angel" is the one that comes to mind, but "Inertia Creeps" would probably do as well.

Also Annie Lennox's "Love Song For A Vampire"
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Chris Isaak does this sort of stuff to the extent that we thought the True Blood song was Chris Isaak.

Nick Cave does a bit of sexy-creepy too, and you could pick through Jason Molina's (Songs: Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co.) extensive catalogue and find some great songs in there. Bill Callahan/Smog as well.

Morphine and Cat Power are excellent recommendations.
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Cripes, I can't believe I left off: Fiona Apple covering Elvis Costello's I Want You.
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Late to the party with this, but: Formidable Marinade (preferably the Amanda Palmer version, which is what's in that video, though Michaelangelo's own group has a somewhat less raucous version as well).
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