Sexy and scary?
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My girlfriend and I are looking for a sexy, scary movie.

My girlfriend and are in a long distance relationship, which sucks, but we are going to see each other again next weekend. One of the things we've enjoyed doing together in the past is watching scary movies - Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, The Exoricist, etc.

Anyways, she asked me the other day about spicing it up a little bit. We want to find a scary movie that also is strongly sexy. You know, the type you can watch with a bottle of wine, be delightfully scared and then have an evening of extracurricular fun. Preferably something I could either pick up at Blockbuster or order on Amazon and have by the end of the week.
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Cat People
American Werewolf in London
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In the Cut was pretty sexy and scary.
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Don't Look Now.
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Romance definitely covers it on the sex front. It's not scary in the tradtional blood-and-guts sense, but it's more psychological. And there's lot of bondage. I wouldn't necessarily call it a good movie in the typical sense, though. It has subtitles and the plot doesn't make much sense. But if you have other things to keep you occupied this may not be a big deal.

If you don't mind cheesy movies, some of the B-movies of the 1970s might fit the bill. There are several mentioned in that link.
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The Hunger


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I think the version of Dracula which starred Frank Langela fits your bill, but KokoRyu is right that "Cat People" is an even better choice.

(Frank Langela as Dracula was so suave he even tempted me, and I'm firmly hetero.)
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friday the 13th parts 1 and 2 are good for that sort of thing along the lines of what you've already seen. Shivers might be up your alley as well.

Severance just came out state side, it is fairly graphic, but the plot is light hearted enough that at the end you might be in the mood. This may not be the case with most horrors.

Tales from the Crypt generally arent too scary, but tend to be more on the racy side. The episode with Patricia Arquette and the scare crow "four sided triangle" is especially good.

A bit more campy is psycho beach party. not all that scary, but enjoyable for the same reasons. Waaay more campy is Blood Diner and Sorority House Massacre 2 (not 1, 2!) both are excellent in their baditude. Both are some gems from the 80s boom in low budget D movies.
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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
More suspenseful than scary:
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

My LD GF and I have also greatly enjoyed watching the TV series Cathouse, if you're looking for more variety.
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Ostara writes "Romance definitely covers it on the sex front. It's not scary in the tradtional blood-and-guts sense, but it's more psychological. "

A Breillat movie? Are you fucking insane?! Show her that, and you won't get laid all weekend. Breillat is anti-sexy.
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Sexy Beast. Ben Kingsley is spooktacular.
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The story of O
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The first Crash movie (the Cronenberg movie from 1996, not the one from a couple years ago) is kinda scary, in a 'weird/creepy' kinda way, including 'weird/creepy/sexy'.
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Society is interesting.
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um... david lynch's lost highway?
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Innocent Blood?

I mean, Anne Parrillaud, come on. Rowr. And Robert Loggia is fun as shit as the vampire mafioso.
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lost highway is an awesome film
better than mullholland dr

blue velvet is an oldy but a goody
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Some of David Cronenberg's films are sexy/scary: Rabid featuring Marilyn Chambers, Videodrome featuring James Woods & Deborah Harry aka Blondie, eXistenZ featuring Jude Law & Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Stuart Gordon directed a couple humorous scary/sexy films: Re-Animator & From Beyond, both feature Jeffrey Combs & Barbara Crampton.
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I love The Hidden, a horror/sci-fi thriller about a body-snatching alien that has a couple very sexy moments (let's say the alien likes fast cars and tight bodies).

Otherwise, seconding The Hunger and Crash. Yum!
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I second Cat People and Romance :-)
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Second The Hunger. Anything by David Lynch.
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I think your best bet is going to be looking at some of the 1960s and 1970s exploitation films:

Vampiros Lesbos;

almost anything by Tinto Brass, such as Salon Kitty;

Cannibal Holocaust;

Nude per l'assassino;

There are thousands more -- Netflix has a lot; so does Amazon. From the mid or late 1960s into the early 1980s, the "nudity plus violence" theme was the basis for a lot of movies. Some are more psychological (like Salon Kitty), others, like Cannibal Holocaust, give you everything the name promises. Here is an article about director Joe D'Amato, who is a classic in this genre.

In more recent years, I'd look at some of the Japanese and Korean movies, starting with Tokyo Decadence.
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I personally am going to recommend Cat People or The Hunger.

They're both incredibly sexy (Cat People has Nastassji Kinski while The Hunger has Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve) but they're the only movies that anybody mentioned that really has the Halloween type of scary in them, as opposed to existential mind games.

And frankly, I'd recommend the Hunger's a sexy vampire movie!
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Lost Boys! Kiefer Sutherland at his, tame sex scene set to Gerard McMann's "Cry Little Sister."
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Nosferatu is always a winner; Todd Haynes's Poison, too.
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Yeah, David Lynch. Gets you in your head and your pants. Especially Blue Velvet and Lost Highway.

Also seconding Cronenberg's Crash and The Hunger.

As for a new suggestion, I find The Ninth Gate to be quite a sexual movie. But I find books hot. And Emmanuelle Seigner and Lena Olin. And Johnny Depp.
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Perfume - The Story of a Murderer
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Swimming Pool.
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SUSPIRIA directed by Dario Argento

GRAPES OF DEATH directed by Jean Rollin

FASCINATION directed by Jean Rollin

In fact, any of Jean Rollin's early films...



FEMALE VAMPIRE directed by Jesus Franco

Nthing THE HUNGER and VAMPYROS LESBOS (Caveat: Jesus Franco has a very unique, disjointed style that may not be for everyone...)
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Anyone here a fan of Michele Soavi? A lot of those giallo films like the Argento examples mentioned above are highly erotic, but I like Soavi because his visuals are particularly rich. Especially his use of light. Cemetery Man is probably his most famous film, and it's a bizarre mix of horror, eroticism, and hilarity. My favorite is Stage Fright. You must have a high tolerance for 80's graininess and some shoddy dubbing to really appreciate these, but they are worth it.
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Cannibal Holocaust is NOT sexy.
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Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and De Niro.
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Oh, y'all mean the Cat People remake. The original, while risque for 1942, is not much of a throbber, if ya know what I mean.

Sexy Beast and The Story of O a) aren't horror movies, and b) aren't necessarily very sexy.

Caligula is terrible, and you might as well rent New Wave Hookers if that's the kind of sex you want to see.

Swimming Pool is also a) not scary, and b) more titillating than sexy. It's a really good movie, yet I'm always seeing it sold as something it's not (a sexy thriller, when it's more a languid Euro drama).

Angel Heart is sexy, and 9 1/2 Weeks is kinda scary, kinda sexy.
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I'm back. I love horror movies, I can't resist shooting my mouth off again.

As a woman who enjoys the company of women, I am nthing The Hunger. I guess we lesbians are scary, I can think of a number of movies that use sapphic action as a gateway to the weird and uncanny. Did anyone mention Bram Stoker's Dracula yet? That's a sumptuous little visual feast.

For a horror movie with a surprisingly feminist voice, and yes, its fair share of eroticism, watch or re-watch The Howling.

And if you two are into the bizarre, try David Lynch's daughter's debut: Boxing Helena. Definitely disturbing, definitely erotic.

Oh, and I should mention Ken Russell's Gothic, too.
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Hmmn, it's not feminist-approved and it's not horror, but Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs is a nail-biter and hot. Although if you think David Lynch is sexy (yeow -- oxymoron!) this would not work for you!
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Try to find Vampyres. I can drop down to my local Hollywood Video and find it, so it can't be too hard to find.
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I haven't seen it in ages, so I might be way off, but maybe Flatliners fits the bill?
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