Pants have always been a problem for me.
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I am a 6'3" slender man (< 180 lbs) in my mid 30s. I am a grad student and I work in independent media. Don't jump to any conclusions but you're probably not too far off in your pigeonhole. I don't have workplace dress codes, but I would like to find some nice non-denim pants. I'm looking for something like casual-hip/casual-dressy. I generally like svelte-fitting pants, which may or may not be still in style.

Basically I just want to take some of the anxiety/pressure off of looking for a good pair of trousers. Where do we go for these things? Budget: inexpensive preferred, but $100 for a killer pair would not be out of the question. Must ship to Canada (for the perfect pair, we can do a mail order pick up in Bellingham, WA).

Thank you, sartorially savvy MeFites!
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My husband is about your height and weight and he's had really good luck with pants at Club Monaco. The pants are slim without being tight and often go on sale for really reasonable prices. Last time we hit a sale he bought several pairs for $40 each.
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You may want to check out Uniqlo. Not sure if they ship north of the border.

As a fellow tall, skinny dude I've had luck with Banana Republic as well.
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Best answer: Bonobos are a bit pricey, but the fit is very good and they have loyal fans. They put out coupons from time to time.
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Best answer: Seconding Bonobos. My (early 30s, PM at a media advocacy website) husband wears their slim fit, and it is insanely flattering--not super hipster boy on a bike skinny, but as you say, svelte. He has a few fun color pairs and a few basic brown and grey. They're polished enough to go with a jacket and tie but also look great not freshly ironed with a tee. Totally recommended.
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Uniqlo + Bluffworks
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Yes Bonobos. The first time I out on a pair of the slim-fit chinos, my wife took a picture of my butt (as you do) and I was shocked. They're pretty flattering.
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Fidelity makes great pants for tall slim men.
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Seconding Banana Republic and Club Monaco. As someone close to your height/weight, I find quite a bit of my closet filled with these two brands.
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How useful most of these suggestion are will depend on what inseam works best for you. It looks like Club Monaco, Uniqlo, and Banana Republic only offer up to a 34" inseam. Fidelity appears to only make denim and I can't figure out their sizing system.

My husband is 6' 4", with long legs and the Banana Republic 34' inseam is always too short on him, but some of H&M's 34" inseam pants work. He's usually better off with a 36" inseam (when we can find one.)
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Look at Nautica pants also - it's a good cut for tall and lanky.
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J Crew slim cords are pretty nice
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I went for a few pairs of Bonobos -- prices not bad for Canadian shipping (they use USPS which is key) and they give a 20% discount for first-time orders.

I will definitely file some of these other suggestions for future trouser emergencies.
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Also check out Frank and Oak. I've had good luck with their Lincoln pant model.
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