I need nice pants. Yes, that's the headline I came up with.
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Does anyone know of any great hip/relevant clothing stores, online or otherwise, for middle aged overweight women who need to be hip, youngish, but appropriately dressed?

I work in a very young, hip business, and I not only NEED to be dressed semi-hip, but I LIKE to dress that way. But, as I've gained years and weight, the traditional outlets for women, ages to 30 or so, are not made with someone like me in mind. My biggest problems are: I'm 4'11", I have a medium "beer" belly (that's where the weight went), and I'm gay. So I'm not a dress or skirt wearer. Trust me, I just look like my brother in a dress. I would say my style is chubby Ellen Degeneres, to give you an idea. Rachel Maddow is another similar look to what I wear. Only, I am a bit more feminine than they are.

I can get all the shoes, shirts, tees I need. I wear jeans 99% of the time. I found good jeans finally at Coldwater Creek, and they're MADE for women like me, they had like 2% rayon, so the waist area stretches and also acts as a girdle, so, I don't have to buy jeans to that fit only my waist, making the crotch and legs WAY too big. These jeans were my savior.

But, on occasion I need to dress up for nicer functions, and the infrequent wedding. I would like to find some trousers that do the same thing as my jeans. The kind of pants they have for women my age look awful, and have an elastic waistband. And the styles and colors tend toward dull beige or black, or bright blues and pinks and purples. I feel like someone's grandma.

I need good dress pants/trousers, that fit a petite frame, shape the waist, and have cool colors, or pin stripes, or patterns. And I need them in summer and fall colors. Coldwater Creek does not have any pants like this, they are all in black or beige, and I don't like either.

So, does anyone know of any other stores that might be more design oriented towards my age and body, and have pants that are DESIGNED, not just polyester with a stretch wasitband.
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I like Anne Taylor Loft and whatever used to be Lerners. I thinks it's Jones New York now? Anyway Anne Taylor Loft has some really nice pants that fit great. You might have to get them hemmed bit if you catch a sale it'll still be worth it. Good luck!
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Here are some from Jezebel:
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My cousin is 5'0" and and somewhat overweight. She's 24 and a professional (marketing) and dresses pretty awesome.

She shops at Talbots.
A little pricey if you ask me... but I'm kinda cheap.

She also buys somethings at Layne Bryant.

She usually wears nice scarves and some colorful jewelry that makes her stand out a bit more.
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Stylish, curvaceous friends of mine swear by Asos.
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Best answer: Check out the advice on Fatshionista.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions! Trousers galore. Never would have considered Loft or Talbots, never heard of Asos and Simply Be. Very excited. Thanks, everyone!
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Try higher-end department stores, too - they'll have stylish pants (with stretch, without elastic waists) in all sizes and you can do really well browsing the sale racks.
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Best answer: Eileen Fisher on Colorado, a tailor, spanx, and shoes with platforms or wedges. The angle of a heel or wedge changes your posture so the belly(sucked in by spanx) isn't as prominent, and thus, more female less guy.
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nthing fatsionista. I've had some luck with avenue.com, jjill.com, and independent sewers from etsy.com for bottoms! admittedly, I am a femme-of-center queer, but our bodies sounds similar, and there is less frumpage at these sites!
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Best answer: Chicos, or Ann Taylor - which has petite sizes. BodenUSA is a great unique brand. Other clothes that are well made, comfy sporty but can pass for work (in some places) are the clothes made by patagonia or columbia sold at REI - they sell pants, skirts and dresses made in really comfy fabrics and they aren't too frilly which is why I love them. I also like INC at Macy's - totally hip and stylish, lots of black, solids, and animal prints.
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I wear Lee slacks a lot. They fit well and have lots of choices in fabrics. This brand has always been my go-to for professional but comfortable. I HATE those kind you describe. I buy mine at Kohls, about once a year I replenish with three or four pair. They are GREAT for business, you can dress them up or down with tops. I can't say they're hip, exactly, but are very basic and you can add the hip factor with tops, shoes, and accessories.
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Response by poster: Midsouthern, with Etsy, are the pants tailored personally for you, or you can get already made pants? If they're already made, how do you find them? What would your search tags be?
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I really recommend JJill, Flax and Blue Fish clothing. I try not to buy any of them new, I do a lot of shopping for them on ebay (unless I can find a great coupon or they're having a fantastic sale).

All of them can be found online -
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@ generic230 You can find both! I use search terms like "plus size" or "24W" or "3x". A useful shop for pants that are work friendly might be wool or linen pants from annychoo, but really most of the etsy people will work with you. Play around with the search and get a sense of the good price point for you. You can get is delivered to you.
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@saffronwoman, @generic230 ebay often has Eileen and JJill bargains. I got several linen outfits from JJILL outlet, but they have greatly reduced their selection now.
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