Pretzels in Kids' Books
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Can you think of any children's books that reference pretzels? I'm trying to remember a book in which a child spends her allowance on a pretzel stick and slowly licks the salt off--but it's NOT All of a Kind Family.

Nor is it the Judy Blume book Rachel Robinson. Any ideas? I'm looking for this particular book, but also any others in which pretzels are featured (somewhat) prominently.
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Perhaps "Amy Moves In", by Marilyn Sachs. This scene indeed occurs in it.
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you.
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Here's a basic WorldCat search for pretzel* with the qualifier of being written for a Juvenile audience:

Two Hot Dogs With Everything
A story about baseball featuring a poisoned pretzel.

Princess Pretzel
Part of a Phonics reading series.

The Pretzel Hero
Recounts how the pretzel maker's apprentice helped save Vienna from the Turks in 1529.

These don't fit the particular plot you're looking for, but might help if you're trying to pull together pretzel themed books.
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Eric Carle's (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) Walter the Baker is a great story about pretzels.
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Perhaps "Amy Moves In", by Marilyn Sachs.

I apologize for being too late to answer the question, but I just wanted to say that Marilyn Sachs is my cousin.
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