Casual (but stylish) clothing blogs for aging hipsters?
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Casual (but stylish) clothing blogs for aging hipsters? I'm looking for some blogs that feature cool clothes that you can actually buy. Like HYA meets Etsy but for stuff beyond Ts and hoodies.

Whatup green!?

I give up... I can't find any clothes I like. I've been digging for ages now. Occasionally I'll find a shirt or two from the usual suspects (Urban, AA, H&M, etc) every now and again... but my success rate is low. Like 75% of the crap I end up with doesn't fit right or is boring or both.

I'm looking for some blogs that I can frequent to find cool clothes. Like HYA but for stuff beyond Ts and hoodies.

For style background, I'm basically looking for stuff built from solid fabrics (I love seeing the weave - like linen or canvas) in earth tones with some kind of flair (like cool buttons or epaulets or interesting cuts.... nothing crazy). Sort of one part military, one part Marxist, one part haute couture... Does that even make sense?! Fsssh... no sense at all... maybe that's the problem. Ugh!

Anyway, help!

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I just found this one today -
I got sick of trying to find the things I wanted, and started learning to sew. If that interests you at all, this site is fantastic. I get lots of ideas from it, and many of their patterns are free.
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The Sartorialist has good ideas, but they're not long on where to buy.
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Might be silly at first, I know, but I get nearly all of my shopping links from stuff on Chateau Bizarre, which is enormous and cavernous and full of broken old links and loads of things I really don't care for. You probably want hemp, veggie & organic, or maybe festival, hippie & boho? Explore, explore!
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i don't know about a clothing blog, but i think you'll find some things you like by atticus. personally, i don't prefer to substitute military-inspired stuff with a designer tag for the real deal, when it's made better and cheaper. I'd also encourage you to do a little local digging, you may be surprised to find some cool little boutiques and/or vintage shops around your town that have what you want.
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Best answer: This was recently posted on MetaFilter Projects. One of the Stylish Gent's purposes is to find buyable mens apparel.
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You could try at just click to see only guys' looks and see what you like, if you click the particular look, items are usually tagged by what label. Tons of hipsters, god bless them, but some who do their own thing.

Steven Alan? A.P.C. has incredibly well made clothes, they're kind of pricey..

there are the hip cool Superfuture people who talk about guys' fashion..
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Best answer: (A store, not a blog, but Brooklyn Industries might do the job for you.)
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