Like threadless but for toddlers
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What are some good web sites to buy cute, "hip" (whatever that means) t-shirts and other clothing for babies and toddlers? Bonus points if it's non-gendered.

I'm looking to buy Christmas presents for my 1-year-old nephew. Overpriced hipster baby / toddler clothing seems like the perfect gift, because it's arguably useful, something his parents would like, and something they would be unlikely to buy for him themselves. I would prefer the choices be as gender-neutral as possible, as would his parents. Examples of the sort of thing I'm talking about can be found here.

Any suggestions will be received with much gratitude
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BabyGadget is a baby blog that covers cool stuff (more designy than hipstery -- they'd feature a "Helvetica" onesie before they'd feature one with a band's name on it). They have a clothing category with photos/links to where you can buy them. It usually goes beyond t-shirts to cool sometimes retro outfits.
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If you would like to support crafters and handmade, there are some super cute and gender-neutral shirts and things at etsy. A few examples: Doggie Frogs Boombox Figgy Pudding World Peace Birds Anchor Spikey Fish Thought Balloons Giraffe
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Lucky Wang is super cute, and defines the "overpriced hipster baby" look to a tee. Although their online store has far less selection than the brick and mortar stores.
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Urbanbabyrunway! Their clothes are grouped by gender, but there's plenty of gender-neutral stuff in the boy and girl sections.
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I love the Life Is Good baby/tot line of items.
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I blow a good deal of cash on my daugters outfits, but most of the places I go do not have web outlets. One that does is lucky wang. If, by some chance, you end up in New York you might also try Crembebe' (68 2nd Ave 212 979.6848).
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Nippaz With Attitude Rock Orientated baby clothing. I bought the Bob Dylan "Time I need a changin' " and it wasn't bad quality.

Beware of signing up for newsletter though, they send them out thick and fast!
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Threadless has many of their T-shirts in kids sizes now.
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Little Miss Matched.


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Baby Wit has some fun, indie-ish, customizable shirts & onesies.
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If the parents are technically-inclined, they may enjoy some of the shirts over at Thinkgeek.
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Lucky Brand Cool but pricey
Original Penguin I love penguin so it's cool we can match (bigger toddlers)
busted Tees - just great t's
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The kids section at Threadless has some nice tshirts for kids.
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You can also make your own cool shirts using an ink jet printer and tshirt transfers.
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Depending on your taste: BabyGoth, T-Shirt Hell.
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Pricey, hip - seems like everything you're looking for.
Chase's Closet
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I'm in love with the majority of the dog stuff at Obey the Purebreed, but they have awesome baby stuff too.
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Lots of sellers have these
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Oh and
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If you were in the UK I would suggest Thornback & Peel's t-shirts
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I know the couple that started this business. They offer shirts, onesies and etc. and offer a recycling program. very good bay-area based business.
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Willotoons baby section
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Mahar Dry Goods, perhaps? They have other things besides clothes too.
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I must have bookmarked a million of these types of sites when I was expecting our son...many of them were already listed above, but here are some more:

Crib Rock Couture
Squidoo (tons of links to various sites)
Janie & Jack
Little Hippie
My Retro Baby
No Added Sugar
The Cradle Rocks
The Retro Baby
You're Such a Baby

Just a tip, I personally have found that the nicer/more expensive a baby item, the smaller it tends to run. There are some exceptions, but most of the "hipster" type shirts I've bought for my one-year-old have been much smaller and tighter than less expensive clothes (i.e. Carter's or Old Navy). Definitely consider buying clothes that are at least one size up, like 18M for a twelve-month-old. Good luck and happy shopping!
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I love the For Sale By Owner one.
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Only a few choices, but I would buy some Goats stuff from Jon if I had a child that size. Kwisatz Haderach, indeed...
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Wry Baby is pretty cute - especially their "handling tips" for babies.
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