Khakis for the short torso
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Any suggestions for low rise khakis/chinos?

I am looking for khakis/chinos that have a short waist. I have a normal inseam with tree trunk thighs and short torso. Slim fit isn't going to work for me. Dockers are just a little too tall for me. I found this thread, but there weren't a lot of responses and it has been a couple of years.
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Are you a male-type person or a female-type person? I'm guessing male, because of the Dockers comment, but I believe they also make Dockers for the ladies.
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I constantly have this problem for work, as we are required to wear khakis. Are these pants for work? If so, Dickies are always a good brand to go for. They are very durable. Old Navy goes through phases of making good khakis; but, sometimes they suck. You have to catch them at the right time.
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If you are of the female-type persuasion, I suggest the J. Crew Stretch Bistro pants. They are city cut (lowest rise) and stretch, so they will more easily go over your thighs. I have two pairs of these pants and I love them.
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Response by poster: Male type person for work. I would say we are on the low end of business casual.
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