Creepy mysterious packages sent to my house- help!
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A few weeks ago, a package was sent to my apartment from someone I didn't know in Chicago ( I live in California) They had my full name and address and I had never heard of their name. The package contained one cheap hairbrush with the tag still on. I assumed it was a mistake and forgot about it. There was no note.

Today, another package arrived in the same type if envelope with only a car charger inside. Except this one was return to sender- it had been sent to someone in New Mexico who I dont know with my name and address as the return address. And the package had been ripped open a little- as if it could have been intentional or maybe not.

I am creeped out and not sure what to do or if this is a prank or something to worry about. Also if it is something to worry about, do I go to the police and post office? Any ideas? Thanks so much for your help!
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Have you noticed any unusual activity on your credit cards or bank accounts? Often when a card number is stolen, the thief makes a small purchase first to see if it works, billed and shipped to you so as not to attract attention. Actually, these sound like they may be Ebay purchases, do you have an account there?
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Could it be a similar situation to the Mefite who got toothpaste from Amway?
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There's one other possibility: contraband of some sort, like illegal drugs.

When packages are sent to you --- either these two or stuff you actually ordered --- are they merely left out on your doorstep/under a bush/behind the screendoor; or are they accepted and held securely, such as being signed for and held for you by a doorman?

There have been many instances of criminals sending packages to houses they know are empty during the day; when the package is left on the doorstep, they come pick it up before the homeowner even knows..... the homeowner's name and address are used as a drop-site: the criminals risk nothing more than the loss of a package, the innocent homeowner is the one who unknowingly risks arrest.
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Just a random thought, but have you creeped on the person who sent the first package? Facebook, Google, etc. I would even try to contact them and see if they're receiving the same packages as you, if you felt comfortable with it (considering your second package had you as the return address).
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I am on the "check your credit cards ASAP" wagon.
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Not just your credit cards; check your credit report. Someone may have gotten a new card under your name.
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Can you see the postmark on the car charger package? I am wondering if it was originally mailed from Chicago like the hairbrush was, or if it has a different place of origin. (While I'm at it I also wonder if the hairbrush package was both return addressed and postmarked Chicago or just one of those things -- ? And if there's a return address, if you have Googled it.)
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I had this happen except it was some diet aid. Check your credit cards and credit history now. Despite filing a police report the company ended up selling my account to collections.
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This is weird enough that I might ask the police about it. That way if this is some sort of scam, you can be on record as knowing nothing about what this activity is and wanting to stop it.
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