Analyze my Bachelor Party Thoughts
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I've whittled down options for my bachelor party, which will be quirky but fun. Intended audience, around 25 to 30 bros in the 30-35 year old segment around the country, but mostly east coast. Everyone has jobs, few have kids. All played or play sports or like them. Want some thing different, fun and memorable. My options: Chicago for a weekend, or Memphis/Ole Miss for taste of the South.

Option 1: Chicago, winter (March). Saturday flag football tourney organized by someone local, Saturday night Red Line bar/food crawl. Competitions that go on during weekend for bachelor party supremacy. Chicago is my favorite place, spent two fantastic years though. I love public transport and cities.

Option 2: Memphis and Ole Miss Football Game/Tailgate (November). Friday night Beale Street, bbq. Saturday morning charter a bus to Oxford, about 100 miles away. Tailgate, ogle the hottest co-eds in the country (trademark), apparently. Hang out in the Grove. Maybe scalp a ticket to the (SEC!) game, but optional. Head back on bus to Memphis. Party more. Maybe Saturday see rest of Memphis, though doutbful.
Most have never been to Memphis, none have been to Oxford (as far as I known). Always wanted to go there. Not big on high-rent stuff.

Nearly everyone loves college football and everyone likes to party (degenerate gamblers). "entertainment" is not a must. What are your thoughts?
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Well, if you do Memphis, skip the trip to Oxford and do Tunica. The weirdest little spot for gambling.

Don't ogle "the hottest co-eds in the country" that's just creepy and gross. Instead, perhaps you can find a sports bar in town and do the game there. Wings and pitchers of beer. Shit, just go to Hooters.
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Yes, Tunica. Hell, if you're gamblers, stay in Tunica and catch a bus into Memphis for the sights. Then get back out to Tunica. While away from other casinos, the Harrah's is the closest to the TN line, so that's your best bet to getting back and forth to Memphis quickly.
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You've always wanted to go to The Grove, but haven't? The answer is obviously do that. Tailgating is perfect bachelor party activity since you're less likely to get drunk with college students when you're married.
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I am a male in your target demographic. Option 2 looks good to me. Get some barbecue. Carry on ogling.
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yeah, go to the Grove and enjoy yourself. Just be prepared to stand in a lot of long lines and know that your bus will have to be familiar with where to park and stuff like that.

This might help with planning.

congratulations and have fun!
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Memphis weather in November is usually mild. We also have strip clubs (hey, it IS a bachelor party.) Gambling in Tunica is a great idea. Beale might be a little crowded for a goup of 25 to 30, but the party atmosphere is pretty good. The Grove is something everyone should do once. I vote for Memphis.
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I vote for option 1. Flag football is fun!

I was once a coed at a school similarly reputed to have the "hottest coeds." (BYU) My friends and I hated creepy men (especially older ones) who came to school sports functions and openly leered and/or ogled at us. Yes, you and your friends are "older" to a bunch of college coeds.

If you want to ogle as a part of your festivities, may I suggest that you go somewhere where ogling is a part of the expected activities allowed and women are tipped for the privilege?
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