Can I plan an original bachelor party?
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4 men. 3 days/2nights. 1 bachelor party. Fun and originality are the priorities. Money is tight. Help me, hive mind?

I am the best man at my friend's wedding. He's like a brother to me. We're beyond the days of kegs and pizza, and have moved on to good scotch and great steaks.

No strippers. No hostels. We need a proper hotel, and some good restaurants. I'd like to plan a three day and two night trip for four of us to someplace warm -- the weather is crap here in Toronto. We're going from Toronto on either Feb 2 or Feb 16 weekend. We can't all afford to spend a lot, so I have to keep costs down.

I'm looking for suggestions on:

- Ideas for destinations
- Finding good/cheap airfare and hotels (incl. package deals)
- Activities for adventurous young men (day and night)

I know it's a tall order, but I know MeFi is up to it, and I'm feeling a bit unoriginal right now. Need some inspiration.
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I'm pretty sure this is one of the reasons Las Vegas was invented.
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Not that it'll make for better weather, but you can currently fly to Montreal on WestJet for about $150 return as they're having a giant seat sale (ends tomorrow). Montreal's a great city with lots of great restaurants.
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Start with Kayak Buzz from Toronto. I see lots of warm destinations on the cheap.
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This weekend, I'm heading to some kind of cabin in the woods outside Vancouver, BC with about 9 other guys for a weekend bachelor event. It's not warm, but it's better weather than Toronto, and you guys can deal with it. Besides airfare and car rental, it'd be cheap: accommodation is affordable (especially if you're splitting the cost), there's cooking equipment and a BBQ (for your steaks), and you can bring up your own food.
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RISK tournament.
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Wherever you go, maybe go to a shooting range. It's fairly masculine and surprisingly fun. If you have a few extra bucks, shoot a machine gun. I never have personally, but I bet it would be a rush...
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go somewhere and suprise the groom with a a big cake shaped like an ass
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indoor skydiving..? has anyone tried it? I assume it's extremely expensive for about 5 minutes of floating....
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