How to ferry the bachelor in style?
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What amusing rigors can we put the bachelor through as we drive from Chicago to northern Wisconsin?

Though the advance committee is already setting up camp, I've been charged with ferrying the groom-to-be to his camping/rafting bachelor party near Shotgun Eddy's in Northern Wisconsin. Outstanding.

Our route is here. Any ideas for fun and photo-worthy trials for the bachelor on the way?

Though we have a little time, we're looking more for quick events such as "put a brick of cheddar in your pants" rather than "go on a beer tour." Alcohol (for the groom and passenger only, of course) can be involved but is not required.

It is perhaps worth noting that the groom will be wearing an Elvis costume.
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Best answer: In some highly populated area, force him out of the car and then drive just out of reach, so he is forced to follow you.

This is even better if you can somehow remove his pants.
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A ball-and-chain is always bachelor-party gold. Oddly, I once found one sitting by the side of the road in my Capitol Hill neighborhood. It was a black bowling ball into which someone had driven a large screw. Attached to the screw was a 4-foot-or-so-long piece of chain, and, attached to that, was a pair of handcuffs. I carried it home, saving it for the day I would inevitably need it. I put it to good use a few months later as we walked a bachelor around one of the entertainment districts in DC, then, continuing the tradition, left it by the side of the road to pass it on to someone else.
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Is the guy a Bears fan? You must make him do something embarrassing at Lambeau field (Kissing the ground? "Making out" with one of the statues? Temporary Packers tattoo on the face? Telling all passersby that he's a Bears fan?)

I'd say the same thing about Miller Park if he was a Cubs/Sox fan, but the Brewers don't seem to inspire the same sort of rivalry.
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I assume you already know you'll pass several adult bookstores on 43/94.
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Lake Forest Oasis - make him hold a sign so passersby can see it (this is probably not going to win you any points with security there).
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Best answer: If he's never been, a trip to The Safe House in Milwaukee can be a bewildering experience. Heck, if he doesn't know the password, they'll even give him a task to do before he can gain entry!
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You might take a couple pairs of old shoes and throw one out the window hourly. Everybody's seen a shoe laying by the highway and said "..wonder what that shoe's doing there." They come from crazy bachelor party road trips.
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I can't imagine NOT going to the Bong Recreation Area and NOT taking photos next to the signs.
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Here's your link.
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