What should I do for a bachelor party in New Orleans next week?
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I'll be visiting New Orleans next weekend for a double bachelor party (my brother and a friend of his). I'm helping to plan the event - what should we do? We're looking for perhaps 1) a great restaurant for a nice meal, 2) a club with bottle service or something like that, and 3) maybe a place to watch the ballet, so to speak. There will be about 15-20 of us. Thanks for your advice and suggestions.
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I'm going to make an assumption that you're more down French Quarter way, and with that many people aren't looking for the really obscure....

1) K-Pauls, Paul Prudhommes restaurant is really quite good, and can accommodate that crowd. Arnauds is on Bourbon, and pretty good as well. Off the reservation is Pascal Manale's (sp?) in the Garden District, which is wonderful. Make reservations.

I'm not a fan of Commanders Palace, which will undoubtedly be mentioned.

2) Not sure.

3) Ricks is the default, but Scores is better. Off Bourbon St. is Visions and Passions. Not sure what you're used to up in MA, but compared to our local places, the best of them are pretty sad.
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You won't have any trouble finding a good restaurant for a good meal. Do you have any preferences on the types of food that you want? Overall recommendations: Stella, Delmonico, Restaurant August, Antoine's (for old school New Orleans style).

It looks like Hookah has bottle service.
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If you can, I suggest renting out a smaller restaurant (or a part of a restaurant) on a top floor on bourbon street. With 20 of you, that shouldn't be a problem.
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@Leezie: No real preferences on what kind of food other than delicious! Some of the guys will probably want to get a big honkin' steak, and I assume more decent restaurants will have some sort of cow on the menu. Thanks for your suggestions.
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My qualifications: I lived in NOLA for five years, got engaged there, had my own bachelor party there, planned another's bachelor party there, and have otherwise gone back as frequently as possible.

For the restaurant I would recommend Jacque-Imo's. It is not in the French Quarter; it is "uptown". You can get there by streetcar taxi cab (inexpensive) from the French Quarter. You MUST make reservations. This place is swamped every night. If you go, make sure to try the alligator cheesecake (a savory appetizer more akin to quiche). Also for the steak lovers, the carpet-bagger steak will give them paroxysms of joy.

Regarding the ballet, Bourbon street has a dozen institutions running from skeezy dive to high class palace. See them all!

Have fun!
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streetcar OR taxi cab
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Dear lord don't try to take a huge group to Jacques-Imos. They over-stuff the place to the point of congestion. Even if you're there with a small party it can take hours.

hal_c_on has good idea about renting out part of a restaurant.

Commander's Palace is probably a little too stuffy for a bachelor party. Of the Brennan family restaurants I really like The Palace Cafe - it's really nice with great food but a little more relaxed. And it's on the edge of the French Quarter which is very convenient.

Never been to a strip club, sorry can't help ya in that area!

You didn't mention accommodations, did you need anything in that vein?
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Hi! Louisiana native, thrower of many, many bachelor's parties in New Orleans.

Great place for a meal: Cochon. They have an upstairs room that can accommodate your party. Have everyone try the Moonshine tasting menu. Try the pig-ear salad!

Start the evening at Rick's cabaret. Get skankier as the night goes on. Don't get skankier than Larry Flynt's. Don't pay the cover charge. If you have a posse of 20, all clubs will (or should) waive cover.

Third: rent a balcony suite overlooking bourbon street. Plan for your own beverages.

Most important: be nice to our city. She's had a rough few years.
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Thanks for the great suggestions. We're not too rowdy a crew, so I promise we will treat your city well ColdChef!
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