Post to Twitter from a map?
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For a Twitter account I'm thinking of setting up (tweeting interesting things I pick up on a police scanner, basically), I want the ability to quickly tweet from a map interface, with the tweet being geotagged with a chosen location. Does a service like this exist?

My ideal workflow would be:

* Have a Google/OpenStreetmap/whatever map open in my browser.
* I click on a location on the map.
* A placemark appears on the map.
* A bubble pops-up where I can enter the text for the tweet.
* The tweet is posted to Twitter, with its tweet location set to the lat/long I clicked on on the map.
* Ideally the placemarks would remain on the map for later recollection, but this isn't strictly necessary.

Given a weekend and an inordinate amount of frustration, I could probably hack something like this together myself, but my Javascript knowledge is weak and I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
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please don't stalk me seems to do just what you're looking for... except it's using the v1 api which sunset last month. Perhaps you can beg the code from them, or bug them into updating to the newer api?
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If you want this project to scale, I'd suggest encapsulating your data in GeoJSON.

Then you can use the Google Maps API to load the GeoJSON data.

Or you can use your GeoJSON data with Open Street Maps, and render directly on your github page with Leaflet.js. Or you can do both. Or you can do whatever.
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As with many things in life, the hardest part is parsing.
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