How do I get my links in Twitter to post to Delicious?
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Is there a way or tool to easily wed Twitter to Delicious, through sickness and in health? Preferably more health...

I have been using Delicious since 2004 to save bookmarks, so I can access them anywhere. However, since the advent of Twitter, I find myself just posting links to it, in order to spread the word of something interesting, quickly. I still want to keep a copy for my "records," though.

How might I go about doing this, without having to essentially double post? Ideally, I would like some tool that detected when I posted a link in Twitter and automatically added it to Delicious, too, perhaps with the full tweet's text in the link description area. I'd like some solution for tagging, too, but I realize that may be asking for too much, really.

Does anything like this exist? I found out about twitticious, but it seems to have issues. That was also posted a year ago, so I'm hoping that there are some newer tools out that I'm not aware of. Help me, guys!
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Response by poster: How did I miss that one? You are awesome, Inspector.Gadget. :) I will give this a try!
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People ask this often enough that we (the Delicious team) have a forum thread for it. Tweecious is worth a try, and so is TwitchBoard.

To send things the other way, Twitterfeed can pipe your bookmarks to Twitter.
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