Twitter Feeds In The Style Of ... ?
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After reading @JennyHolzerMom and @AuthenticWmGibson, I'm interested in other twitter feeds "in the style of" famous people. Any suggestions?

Noteworthy people parodying themselves are also appreciated.
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I'm still a fan of @Bill Nye Tho for dropping THE SCIENCE.
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(now-defunct but classic) @mayoremanuel

Not a specific person but parody of the public transit announcements here in DC (+ greatest Twitter background image ever): @FakeWMATAAlerts
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This isn't ongoing, but back in the day Werner Herzblog was fairly astounding, in a very nonchalant yet also touching and feeling way.
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Michael Haneke
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There are some Hulks on twitter that I find amusing. Maybe not what you were going for...
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Fake Grantland
Pau Gasol belongs to the real Pau Gasol, but a lot of people like to read it as the abnormally tall brother to @NormalTweetGuy
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@PrinceTweets2U absolutely kills me.
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Fake Jill Biden
Wise Kaplan and Cranky Kaplan (some background)
KimKierkegaardashian: "Worldly anxiety always leads us toward petty restlessness & away from the sublime calm of simple things. That's why I love a nude lip."

(That Jenny Holzer one is hysterical, by the way.)
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Laura Ingalls Wilder
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While not exactly people, @SeinfeldToday and @TNG_S8 have some fun with TV shows that could have kept going...
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My current favorite: @HoffmanBball -- Dustin Hoffman + Basketball for no reason.
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RuthBourdain is famous for combining the styles of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain.
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HonestToddler has always cracked me up.

"Why do my parents say "thank you" when strangers compliment MY good looks? So desperate for attention. Sad."
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The Mockney Cook is a bang-on and often surreal parody of Jamie Oliver. I unfollowed the account though, because it posts constantly - to the point I'm beginning to wonder if it's not randomly generated from a spreadsheet somewhere.
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@AngrySondheim: "Was all excited about the new Broadway musical I heard about that's NOT based on a movie (!), but remembered that was just a dream."
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