My Anorexia is History - There's Just One Symptom Left
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That one symptom has developed into esophagitis after 30 years. I still can't stop it - it's almost automatic. What I'd like is to discuss this among people who've already healed from Anorexia/Bulimia which I had way back. I eat fine, the eating disorder is completely behind me - no purging or urges to to so. At all. There's one tiny blip - that's all - it's not even major - if it weren't for the esophagitis - I'd just ignore it. But the body is wise and it's trying to get my attention - well - it's got it. So - I'm just looking for a forum - not for those in the throes of the dis-ease but for those who've emerged on the other side which I consider myself to have done as well. This *thing* is more automatic than anything - almost subconcious. If anyone would know what to do about it - would be someone who's already been there. Thanks for any assist with this guys.
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Hi there - no history, but asking for clarification which might help others. I'm reading that esophagitis is just inflammation of the esophagus, which can be caused by a number of things.

Could you just go to a doctor and have that looked at, perhaps as a symptom of GERD? The eating disorder could be irrelevant, as far as I can tell.
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I'm in recovery, I haven't purged in years now. Feel free to memail me. I'm totally open to talking.
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If by esophagitis you mean a choking sensation, I have this too - not from eating disorders, but from GAD. I overcome this by (#1) good anti-anxiety meds and (#2, especially if I'm off-meds or especially anxious) careful choice of foods and drinks (non-carbonated warm drinks are best).

So, I'm offering up my experiences because your doc might be able to prescribe anti-anxiety meds (celexa, buproprione, buspiron, etc) that could help.

It would probably help your question if you clarified what your symptoms are like.
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If I am reading correctly, the OP is saying that there is something that she is doing that is causing the esophagitis, and that is the symptom, not the problem. Is that correct OP?
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Response by poster: OK wth - I've been regurgitating my food for over 30 years. It's totally related to the GERD and esophagitis. I almost died way back when with the eating disorder and consider myself a walking miracle having had zero relapses for all these years. Except for the regurgitation which I MOST definitely want to heal.
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Response by poster: I started doing it right after I stopped binging and purging. Like I said - this is the only carry over - but it carried a huge price - and I'm suffering big time with swallowing, digesting etc. etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks Sophie. Yeah this is what's causing it.
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That's rough - regurgitation is distressing and can be embarrassing.

You might get helpful advice from talking to a dietitian as they will be involved with all sorts of people with oesophageal disorders who need to take in enough calories.

You might also want to look up behavioural / lifestyle advice on minimising reflux as some of it will overlap. In particular, staying upright during and after meals, not wearing tight clothing around your middle, eating very slowly, chewing your food well and alternating bites of food with sips of drink (small sips!). You might also benefit from having many small snacks per day rather than traditional meals. Some people also find that not drinking during meals helps because your stomach gets less full.
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Hey hon, good for you for bringing this up. Have you looked up rumination syndrome? I know you're in recovery and most of the behaviors have stopped, but this is, in fact, disordered and you know it. Have you talked to an ED specialist about what might be going on?
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Response by poster: Never mentioned this to a soul in 30 years. Till now.
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Response by poster: Yeah it's Rumination Disorder...
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Wow. Good for you!!! I'm totally impressed with you bringing this here. You will get better. Talk to an ED therapist. A good one. From your original post, you said your body is trying to tell you something and the food is still a good way of pointing that out. Having said that, recovery from rumination disorder is super-high.

Is there anything that you need that I can help you with?
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Response by poster: I'll memail....thanks so much.
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So impressed with your recovery! I had esophagitis at one point, and the doctor prescribed a med that seemed to thicken my esophagus, and helped it heal. The esophagitis was quite painful, and it took several months for it to heal. Good luck.
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