Please help me find this Norwegian bottle opener!
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My friend has a bottle opener from Norway that can also be used to cover/seal a bottle that's been opened but not entirely consumed - it says it's a "combination opener and closer." I must have one of my own! Unfortunately, what I thought would be a simple Amazon search turned up nothing, and even Google hasn't been very helpful.

The opener is simple in design, a single piece of metal, but it's incredibly sturdy and works really well to keep opened drinks from going flat.

I did find a photo of the opener here. The underside of the opener is made from some sort of red plastic stuff. The inscription reads:

Searching for these terms in both English and Norwegian doesn't return useful results aside from the photo I linked to above.

I am in Oregon but would prefer to order from Amazon or its ilk.
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Best answer: Not amazon, but here's one.
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paperback version beat me to it. It appears that they don't sell on Amazon, or really anywhere except Kaufmann Mercantile. If you join their newsletter, they'll give you a code for $7 off your first purchase, which would make it practically free.
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For sale (from Norway): vintage "Mikkel" bottle opener.
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Also not Amazon, but Kiosk in NYC will also send you one. They have a ton of other interesting foreign tools/objects as well, some highly inflated and others at a reasonable price.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'll probably go with one of the German ones - they look similar enough and "nearly free" is a good price.

Do any Norwegian mefites know if this kind of opener is common there? I'd never seen anything like it.
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Best answer: These bottle openers/closers (and this folding variant) were very common in Norway. It seems every single home had at least one or two.

They were also used to open and close bottled fruit drinks, that were sold in reusable glass bottles with crown caps. Unlike beer and soda, nobody finishes a bottle of concentrated saft in a single sitting, so people needed something to close the bottle after use.

In the '80s and '90s, a plastic version of these bottle openers was a popular promotional gift in banks etc. (Example: page 31 in this catalogue.)

These days, it's less common to find them. Soda bottles with screw caps, beer cans and juice cartons reduced the need for bottle openers/closers. Also, the bottle openers seem to last forever, so people rarely buy new ones.

The "Mikkel" bottle opener/closer (or a similar design) is still available, here (page 17) and here (page 234).
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