Mindlessly amusing myself with curiosity
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I want to go about finding entertaining, engaging, intelligent things I can read about subjects I know nothing about. Ideally, I want a source of these things which will reliably send me off in directions I'm completely unfamiliar with, rather than just new sources which cover individual specific subjects. But it has to be enjoyable, even somewhat mindless reading – think Cracked or Buzzfeed. Does anything like this exist? Are there good places online for me to stimulate myself when I'm in that mindless time-killing mood?
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Wikipedia and TV Tropes are pretty good for that. Every time you come across a link that looks vaguely interesting, open it in a new tab. It's pretty easy to end up on some topic or topics that are only very tangentially related to where you started.
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I find that PBS's idea channel vlog series is the best thing ever to send me into a research hole.
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It seems like StumbleUpon might provide you with some interesting surfing when the mood strikes.
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Mental Floss magazine is pretty fun for this.
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Best answer: Dark Roasted Blend does this for me.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for text rather than videos; something about text is more comforting to me when I'm in that infoglut mood. And I've never been able to get reliably quality stuff on StumbleUpon.

TvTropes is too subject-specific for me. I mean, I love it and get hooked every time I visit, but it's very dedicated to one particular type of media analysis.

Dark Roasted Blend is EXCELLENT.
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Metafilter :)
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Best answer: Futility Closet

It is dishearteningly brief in its posts for someone like me who wants a bit more of the platter service, but I imagine for a sprightly mind like yours, Rory, it will be a delight.
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This is why we have Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog.

It's history, yes, but I promise it will lead you to some strange places.
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Now I Know is a daily email newsletter that sends you info on random interesting things every day. Last email was about the first, and so far only, jockey who won a horse race after his death. Archives are here.
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Damned Interesting
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Atlas Obscura

Laughing Squid is sort of like this too.
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Great question! Here are a few sources that I've found useful for this purpose.

The Morning News sends out a great set of links twice daily, in the morning and afternoon. They cover a whole range of material (not just news), and I always find at least one fascinating read. You can subscribe by RSS, or use IFTTT to have them sent by email.

I found Aeon Magazine a few months ago, and it now occupies a prime spot in my RSS reader. They publish one article daily, and they're consistently interesting. Each day of the week has its own theme: Mondays are "World Views", Tuesdays are "Nature & Cosmos", etc.

Also, I've found that the new Digg is a fantastic roundup of news and the best of the internet. It's always a great way to find a good read. They also send out a daily roundup of links, but the site itself is quite enjoyable.

I'll also second plastic_animals' suggestion. Atlas Obscura is phenomenal.
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I like The Feature (formerly called Give Me Something to Read). I always find very interesting, substantive, in-depth articles there on a wide variety of topics.
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I'd recommend TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee") - "Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Intermittently."
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Brain Pickings is consistently very very interesting.
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50 watts together with A Journey Round my Skull.
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Reading the hardcopy of New Scientist remains a major source of my interesting conversational topics.
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(Futility Closet, by the way, is kept stocked by none other than Metafilter's own futility closet.)
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Today I Found Out
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Arts & Letters Daily
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Stellar's "interesting" feed is usually full of great stuff.

Andy Baio's links page is short, and has one of the highest stuff-I-find-interesting ratios anywhere.
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TheBrain dude.
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Maybe "Endlessly amusing ourselves with curiosity" is more appropriate.
Mindless - such a boring state. ;P
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