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I need new websites from which to get my daily dose of interesting links, articles, pictures etc.

If I like sites such as MeFi, Lifehacker, Kottke, SvN, Subtraction and Gladwell, enjoy articles from New Yorker, The Economist, read news sites such as the BBC, Timesonline, NY Times and The Guardian what else do you recommend? Blogs, websites, aggregators - it doesn't matter.

related:url has been of little help, so I'm looking for recommendations from people who enjoy those sites or similar, with either interesting links or good, engaging writing.

I already know of Reddit, Digg, /. and popurls, and am trying to avoid Fark.

Sorry that this is such an open-ended question, and that the criteria are quite vague, but the more I tried to narrow it down the larger the list of "I already know X" became. So please just throw in anything you think matches!
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Somewhat similar question asked previously. I still recommend Evil Mad Scientist. (Otherwise my list of things that I read is oddly short...)
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I really enjoy Arts and Letters Daily It links to a wide range of journals - I have been exposed to articles, essays, and subjects I would not have otherwise found.
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Best answer: You can poke through this list, it's on my site, but I wasn't the main creator, and as far as I know I am only babysitting it for awhile
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SciTechDaily is the sister site (I think) to Arts and Letters Daily with an emphasis on science.
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I can't believe boingboing.net isn't on your list. To be honest, the same flotsam seems to circulate all the link aggregators so there isn't a lot of incentive to cruise more than one. Cynical C sometimes has new stuff.
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Response by poster: anaelith: D'oh! Combing through AskMes tagged with website didn't turn that up, so thanks!

chairface: I actually dislike BoingBoing, but it's been a while so I'll give it another try.

Keep them coming! Can be as varied as you like, and as many links as you think are in any way relevant/good.
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i really enjoy "spurgeonblog" - http://www.spurgeonworld.com/blog/

"Thoughts on design, science, art, and the places where they all meet."

he only updates once a day or so, sometimes less, so i just read it once a week.. the quality is great though
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Well, add Coudal and Waxy to your list if they're not there already. Things magazine is quite good, too, and its blogroll is enormous and high quality, so you could just content yourself to visit one or two each day for awhile.
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Alright - I didn't say this - but I surf http://wwtdd.com/ (What Would Tyler Durden Do?) its a celeb gossip column, but the way he presents the material - pretty good potty wit :)
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Not sure this is exactly what you have in mind, but I always find interesting reading on wood s lot.
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Here's what I posted to this similar question.

If you like science, scienceblogs.com can kill more time than you have.
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Best answer: BLDGBLOG - nifty content, the best of which is usually aggregated across the blogs you mentioned.

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society - odd stuff (MeTa).
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Personal fave is Lifehacker. 'Nuff said.
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I think it really depends on what you are into. The main "aggregators" (Metafilter, Fark, BoingBoing, Digg, etc.) tend to be very general, and if you hit each one once, you have most of that day's "big" or popular news. You might be better off asking for sites about stuff you are particularly interested in.

My normal "specialty" sites include the Fabulist, they have weird and wonderful stuff on a daily basis. For computer and/or game stuff, Ars Technica, Lifehacker, Kotaku and 1UP. For movies, Dark Horizons and Ain't it Cool. For daily gossip, Gawker /Celeb Rumors or, of course, Defamer. For politics and big stories fast, Drudge, and possibly Wonkette if I'm feeling snarky.

For real news, though, I don't remember how I managed without my Google Reader and RSS feeds from all my favorite sources of news, both US and foreign. Add to that a personalized Yahoo or Google page, and you have your bases covered.
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The netizens over at ScienceBlogs have amazing scienc-by content regularly.

del.icio.us/popular is a little snapshot of current web trends
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Best answer: CapitalistImperialistPig which, despite its name, is kind of lefty, if you're interested in physics, politics, economics, or biology.

Dark Roasted Blend for humor and photography, often at the same time.

You can filter BoingBoing to skip the people you don't like.
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I like the morning news. It has a good mix of original writing & links to interesting stories.
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I second The Morning News. Two or three big batches of headlines a day.
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Best answer: A Welsh View
Geisha Asobi
Look At This
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I love Wired Blogs, especially Table of Malcontents.

Fark can be okay if you stay out of the threads. So much hooting, so little time...
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The only one I read and haven't seen here yet is Download Squad. StumbleUpon is also nice to have around when you just want a quick hit of something new.
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TheWeblist.net is a handy aggregator.

Hey look, that Metafilter site is on there.
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It sounds like your tastes are pretty comparable to mine. I have just over 100 feeds in my Google Reader, but most of my favorites have been mentioned above.

I've become quite fond of Damn Interesting lately, although they only update once a week. The only other ones I would suggest would be Scientific American , CNet's News, and maybe EurekAlert! Also, I would second Chairface's suggestion of BoingBoing.

Also, if you're perusing much daily media, I cannot endorse Google Reader strongly enough (as Gemmy mentioned above). It's done nothing if not cut my productivity in half.
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Something awful dot com has some very lively and intelligent discussion going on in its sub-forums that never ceases to amaze me.
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I really enjoy Neatorama. Not so much on the news articles, but a lot of fascinating stories and updated often. Probably the site whose links I forward most often.
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Best answer: computerlove
kevin kelly's "cool tools"
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fazed.net, like fark but less links, less people, and generally higher quality.
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State Department: daily press briefing.
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