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Looking for blogs that are thought-provoking, light-hearted, and short-winded. Examples: Futility Closet, Colossal, Said the Gramophone. No linkblogs. Nothing cynical/polemical. Few posts per day. I prefer distinct focuses and subjects to meandering, text and thoughts to images and video (though media supported by text is fine if the media's brief enough). I like learning new things, but again, I want short, light reads – posts I can read in two minutes tops.
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TYWKIWDBI is always light and interesting.
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Listverse is kind of neat- random Top 10 lists with just the right amount of detail (intriguing but short).

I like HappyPlace too but it doesn't quite hit your "thought-provoking" requirement. It's mostly pics but also curated funny/topical/political tweets.
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Mental Floss
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Kottke.org is a good one. It bills itself as a "liberal arts 2.0" blog.
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My problem with Kottke, Mental Floss, and HappyPlace is that they update too quickly. I get anxious when too much data comes my way.
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Check out the popular and occasionally NSFW thisisnthappiness blog.

I'm really enjoying thisiscolossal after discovering it in your post, so thanks!
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