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Which websites can I get lost in? Which websites can I participate in?

I've previously asked about bite-size, daily media-type sites. Now I'd like some big, interesting sites, with lots of interesting things to explore - be it articles, conversations, exercises, games. Ideally, these sites would be places that I could participate in and to - Wikipedia being a great example of something that fulfils both of my criteria.

I realise that I've not provided any examples of what I like - the reason being that I'd love to be introduced to something new. So throw anything out there!

(And yes, I do read MeFi, which happily satisfies both of those criteria)
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Everything2 and TVTropes come to mind.
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When I first found it, I got lost for days inside woodblock.com, the website of MeFi's own woodblock100. If you're at all interested in this kind of printmaking, it is just fascinating. As for interactivity, there is a forum and a page of diversions (quizzes, etc.).
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TVTropes is a good site to get lost in.
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TV Tropes. If you haven't been there before you might start at Tropes of Legend for the most widespread tropes. But heed this warning. (It took me twenty minutes to write this brief comment, falling behind box and Chocolate Pickle in making the recommendation, because I clicked on my own link in live preview.)
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Marvel.com - free online comics
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Oh my god, TvTropes is my favorite site - I think I discovered it here (gee, thanks, guys n gals!) a few months back, and have lost more hours browsing it randomly than I have in 10 years of Fark...
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AV Club - Online zine devoted to commenting on tv, books, movies, and pop culture (The subsite TV Club is where I always get lost when I'm following a show)
Cracked.com - endless lists on bizarre topics, columns, videos, and wicked funny
Echochamber - technically the forums for the webcomic xkcd, but yields fun and sprawling conversations. Similarly: Truth and Beauty Bombs for fans of Dinosaur Comics and A Softer World.
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I get lost in Sporcle. Every single day. Somehow it never gets old. I need more Sporcle.
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Lilek's Institute of Regrettable Cheer
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I always visit Ishkur’s guide to electronic music (Warning: Sound) to spend two or three minutes. And it always turns into twenty or thirty. If you're at all interested in art and sketching, the community at ConceptArt is fantastic. You'll find lots of "slackers" "artists searching for inspiration" there.
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Response by poster: Thanks all.
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