online places to find people trading mp3s
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Where are some online places I can go to find people who want to trade music (mp3s) via email? I want to discover new music so I don't really know what I'm looking for, specifically.

Before the internet, I wrote letters and exchange mix tapes with pen pals found via Industrial Nation. I'm looking for the equivalent in internet-space.
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You probably want mp3 blogs.
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I'm arranging/organizing a virtual (web based) MeFi Mix swap, if you'd like to join send me an email. (that goes for indigo4963, as well as anyone else that might be interested.)

But if you're just searching for interesting music, as Zed_Lopez says, mp3blogs can help tremendously. (I like music (for robots), Teaching the indie kids to dance again, and 3hive)

I've also got a page of links to free downloads from indie bands. Knock yourself out.
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Response by poster: thanks for the responses ... I'll look into those links. I'm not just interested in mp3's, but getting to know people via email as well. Perhaps I'll find people on penpalworld
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It's probably not what you've got in mind, but some p2p programs feature chatrooms. Soulseek's the one that comes to mind, but I suspect there are others.
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If you like indie-pop (i.e. Belle and Sebastian, Decemberists, the Shins, Sarah Records, etc.), the monthly mix CD swap organized on the indiepop-list is perfect. You exchange emails, you mail CDs, you discover new music. Good times.

But yeah, MP3 blogs. I like Said the Gramophone.
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Wow. I was part of the indiepop-list back when we traded tapes! Glad to hear it is still around.
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Don't know if it's your cup of tea, but besides being a very nice medium to share thoughts and meet neat people, LiveJournal has a nearly limitless number of communities whose only purpose is to trade mixtapes/CDs with neat people whilst also getting to know said neat people.

Oh. And it's true what they say about LJ. But the opposite is also true and thus it really isn't as bad as what they say.
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I guess I'll pimp out a friend of mine who not only posts great live tracks for download (including the recent Sigur Ros show in Boston), but trades rareties and such like mad. He's got some amazing stuff.
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I'm an old-school Indie Pop List-er myself. As I can't handle the deluge of daily emails, I'm bummed that the online archive was scrapped and that the new one sucks so much (it is in beta, so I'm holding out hope).
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MetaChat has a virtual (electronic) CD swap about every 6 weeks. A lot of the same folks from this site also post there. I've gotten some awesome mixes.
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I just got a bunch of very interesting varied music from The desciptions, i.e., Pop funk, uptempo, triphop, are worth the visit. Broadband is good.
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