Alternative contact details for Interscope Records?
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Can anyone assist me with alternative contact details for Interscope Records? The email addresses on their contact page aren't working.

I'm trying to get in touch with Interscope Records but their public email address keeps bouncing to my emails. Can anyone assist me with alternative contact details? I'd prefer an email address as I'm located outside of America and I'm too impatient to write a letter and too cheap to call them on the phone.
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Who at Interscope are you trying to contact? Or at least, what department?
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bcwinters, I'm trying to contact a representative from this company to inform them of a possible infringement of copyright on one of their artists (a major one in fact). I guess this would be their general enquiries and/or legal department. I've sent an email to the address peacay posted from the domain details. Not sure have definitive that address is, though.
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sjvilla79, I'd suggest first finding out if the song/artist is licensed under ASCAP or BMI, then contacting the respective licensing company.

Also, what division of Interscope? I have listings for about 18 different ones (Dreamworks, Shady, A&M, etc.). Here's the phone number of the most general line I could find, though: 212-841-8000. Let me know if you can be more specific and I'll get you a number.
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nitsuj, thanks for your post. I have search at BMI for this artist with no results forthcoming. Cheers for those links, though. I'm not sure what division of Interscope I really need to talk with. I guess it would be just customer service. If it helps, though, the artist I'm enquiring about is Gwen Stefani. She's signed to Interscope Records from what I can tell by looking at her website. Oh and this is not a reflection on my taste in music. Let me be clear on that. It's purely out of my interest to respect her musical copyright. Perhaps I should give up on this though. I mean maybe these people aren't contactable for a reason.
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Update: I've sent my email to ASCAP. Hopefully they'll be able to forward my message to the appropriate entities.
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