NH Specific Question: What to do in Barnstead with a dog?
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Spending a day in Barnstead NH with my dog. What can we do for fun?

I'll me spending a day with just me and my Golden in Center Barnstead NH this week. I can't venture too far out of the area because I still need to be reasonably close to where my kids will be spending the day.
I'd love to take him for a nice hike or in one of the lakes. Anybody have any ideas for some good activities in the vicinity?
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Wolfeboro isn't too far away and offers lots of touristy activities as well as a very nice trail that passes by several lakes as well as a town-owned beach.
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Best answer: My mother runs a beautiful dog-friendly frisbee golf course right in Barnstead.

If you don't know disc golf, it's essentially golf but played with a thrown disc instead of a ball. She has discs you can use, and it's a great walk in the woods and fields of an old New England farm. Tell her her eldest son sent you.
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Best answer: If you take 28-S you'll get to Bear Brook State Park. That's a great place for small day hikes, walks with dogs, and car camping with kids.
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Response by poster: Gauche, That is AWESOME! He'll love it. Definitely going to start with that.
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Response by poster: Thanks Nanuk. That's going on the list too. :) Jeez, and I thought this site was dying. Looks like it's still the best place for good, useful answers.
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Yeah, I'll vouch for Bear Brook, too. Used to do a LOT of mountain biking in there as a kid.
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