weekend trip from Boston?
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My boyfriend, our two small dogs, and I would like to take a weekend trip in the Boston area soon... We want cost-effective, swimming opportunities, quaintness, dog-friendly, nature... Any suggestions?

It's a been a crazy summer for work, and we just want to go somewhere relaxing with the dogs. We also want somewhere CHEAP if at all possible. I know it's the season, so cheap is not the easiest, so any places that aren't necessarily big tourist destinations would be fine.

Saw this one, but emphasis on cost-effectiveness and dog-friendliness rather than commute...
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I know you are looking for a package deal, but FYI Most area beaches are controlled by the DCR (department of Conservation and Recreation) and are off limits to dogs between May1 and September 30. However... There is a back beach on the Lynn/Nahant line that is really a forgotten beach, sometimes called dog beach. It is 1/2 hour north of Boston. On the Causeway between Lynn and Nahant.
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Good friends of mine often take their dog to Winthrop Beach, googling "Winthrop MA hotel" brought back a couple results that look like they might be promising.

wiki for Winthrop

Inn at Crystal Cove
Located in the quaint seaside community of Winthrop, Massachusetts, minutes from Logan International Airport and a short distance by car or public transportation from Downtown Boston, The Inn at Crystal Cove is your perfect 'home away from home' while touring Boston.

Winthrop Arms Hotel
Welcome to the Arms! Situated on a hill that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, our warm and inviting hotel is located just outside metropolitan Boston, in the picturesque seacoast town of Winthrop, Massachusetts.
Invigorating ocean air abounds while you discover all the elements of a home away from home: privacy, sumptuous accommodations and fine dining.

One thing I would be sure to check is if dogs are allowed on the beach. I know that on Revere Beach they have a no dog rule from May to September but I'm pretty sure they're allowed on Winthrop year round.
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I used to live in Winthrop. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach from May through September.
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The beach I'm talking about is the one along Shore Drive. There are some other small beaches that may allow dogs - though I'm not sure.
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I've been going my whole life to Bass Rocks on the Gloucester coast. It's hard to pinpoint--web searching brings up zero pages dedicated to them--and not for everyone: rocky and tall, filled with tidepools, seagulls, and the occasional artist or fisherman. (You can see it a bit at this hotel's web site, which also has directions). When I was a kid my uncle used to bring his Irish setters, who would bound around and fetch frisbees, and we'd look for starfish and watch the waves roll in.

Cape Ann is quaint overall, with lots of walking around to be done in Rockport and Salem. Lynn and the aforementioned dog beach are probably half an hour away.
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I'm not sure about cost, but here's a guide to dog-friendly beaches, lodging, etc. on Cape Cod.
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10 Places to Cool Off Your Dog
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Let me caution you about something: the beach in Lynn and along the Nahant causeway stinks to high heaven due to the algae. It's fairly localized, so if you go a bit further north to Swampscott it isn't a problem.

Maybe narrow yourself down to a town and call up an inn? If nothing else they can tell you where in the area you can stay the night with your dogs. Lynn will be cheapest, Marblehead will be quaint-est, and Swampscott is in-between.
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Response by poster: These are all great so far... I think from these suggestions we can narrow ourselves down to a town and then find a hotel...

Anyone know of any rivers or other freshwater spots?

Or any particularly dog-friendly hotels?
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Do you have a car? You could go out to Shelburne Falls. In addition to the falls, there's also a glassblowing studio that lets you watch while they work, the famous flower bridge, a lot of nice little restaurants, and a candlepin bowling alley/bar.
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Marit, The algae problem in Lynn is mostly abated. Having lived nearby for 20+ years I can tell you it is far better than it has ever been. The algae is a colony of brown algae that have been living off of Lynn's Red Rock beach for a looooooong time. Their numbers have grown recently due to the clean up of Boston harbor. Still the stink isn't as bad as it used to be. (cleaner algae?) The beach I mentioned faces Lynn Harbor and has no algae.
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