Non-athletic style cute but comfy hoodie/outerlayer?
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What is a ladies alternative to my partners zip-up hoodie that I can put over everything, including dresses and skirts and cute outfits, and be presentable enough to run errands yet comfy and warm?

Now that it's springtime and getting warmer, I find the need to have more layers. There are still a few hours in the beginning and end of the day where the temperature drops about 15 degrees, and I need a thing that I can put over whatever i'm wearing. What is that thing?? I guess i'm looking for a grown up version of the sweatshirt material zip up athletic hoodie.

Usually I grab my boyfriends cardigan or zip-up and it's perfect but definitely just for lounging. All of my cardigans/sweaters are too tight/thin/short to work over an outfit, and my jackets are too structured. I really want a soft comfy not-too-heavy layer that will work over these things and still allow me to be presentable in public. Does this exist? Budget is around $100.
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A jean jacket is perfect for this, as long as you aren't wearing jeans. (Or if you're okay with rocking the double denim.)
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You might want a boyfriend cardigan. Long enough to cover up everything, but tailored for a lady. They come in a ton of varieties; textured and chunky, thin and fitted, colors and patterns.
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A knit blazer, maybe? Something like this. Less structured than a real jacket, more polished than a hoodie.
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I have this jacket. It's a peacoat, but it's unlined fleece, so the fabric is casual and lightweight, but the silhouette is on the dressier side. I wear it constantly.
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Trench coat or other spring coat.
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What about a big wrap cardigan?

I had one that was just awesome but I wore holes in the elbows from basically living in it at work. :(
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If you're not feeling dressy, a cardigan. Something like this might thread that cozy-but-nice-looking needle that you're working with. I also think sweatshirts like this look nicer than a hoodie.

If you are feeling a little dressy, a knit blazer. I have this blazer and I love wearing it with dresses because it makes them less feminine and frilly, in my opinion. I also have this jacket which seriously is sweatshirt-material. I also love jean jackets - I was thinking of getting one in white just because it would be different from other jean jackets (thought I'm worried about getting coffee on it immediately).

If you are interested in a trench coat, I am into this one that I saw online yesterday. I also like this one with the detachable hood.
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I like a hooded raincoat with a zip out liner, in a neutral shade like black or bone or navy blue. A belt is a nice touch. Works for all outfits and seasons.
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This is out of your price range, but I'd tend to go for a true spring jacket like this one from Banana Republic, or this "Utility" Jacket (in your price range) from Gap.
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I'll also add that this quilted jacket is my go-to spring/fall jacket, but I live in Maine where it's still chilly except in July and August. But I love it, and it goes with everything.
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I have a light twill jacket with an A-line cut and big pockets. Depending on what I have underneath it morphs from casual to dressy, and the pockets hold all my stuff. Love it.
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If you don't want an actual women's hoodie - which I think is fine, I wear slim-fit zip up hoodies all the time with jeans or casual skirts - maybe try a fleece moto jacket? This one from Revolve is outside your price range, but you may find something similar at an outlet shop.
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Also, here's a french terry hoodie-type jacket with a little more structure.
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This Adidas jacket might work for you!

I got it for many of the same reasons you list - it's relatively lightweight (no padding, just a fleecy-feeling inside) but keeps you warm, and it's thin enough to breathe so if it's a little hotter out, you don't suffocate. It has a hood in case of rain.

It's not dressy by any means, but it's sleek and looks nice. I love mine and am extremely happy I got it. (I could do without the thumb-holes in the sleeves, but that's a minor complaint.) Plus, it's right in line with your budget.
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Why not a hoodie that's an actual sweater? Fitted, in lightweight wool or cotton or a cashmere blend, with maybe some cables. (I've been wanting to knit one for myself.) Like this one (cheap) or this one (simpler and sweatshirty, but fancy because cashmere). (Ugh, sorry about the Pinterest linkrot.)
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I would just get a blazer that is meant to be loose so you can layer it without the problems you're currently experiencing.
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This might be more casual than what you are looking for, but I think this is pretty cute while still retaining all the slouchy, comfy goodness of a hoodie.
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Knit blazer (the slouchy kind made of sweatshirt material) and then a Patagonia better sweater for slightly more casual.
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This is what I thought might work for you. I'm sure you can get it for less than $139. More examples here.
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I actually wear a hoodie under a thin knee length trench coat. I wear it with everything and I dress up for work every day. You can also try a little thin hoodie with a blazer like This or perhaps This And This is adorable even if you don't have snazzy red hair like the model! With them all being on sale, it is not too bad!
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Are you looking for funky or classic? If you want something with a little more edge, try looking at what skate/surf brands offer in terms of jackets and hoodies. I have been coveting this blazer, and this hoodie seems cool enough to work with fairly stylish options as well (check out the image of the back of it!)
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I was just talking about this with a friend. We concluded that a hoodie with a asymetrical zipper is pretty classy alternative to the standard sweatshirt.
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You could have a larger button down shirt in a medium wieight fabric tailored for this purpose
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