Does anyone make mass-produced but unusual hooded sweatshirts?
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Are there any companies making unusual mass-produced hoodies for screenprinting?

My employer wants to have hoodies screenprinted, but we all agree that we want something more than the basic Champion/AA/Hanes hoodie. Ideally we would like something with a large Nazgul-type hood, but any other unique details would be good too.

Lots of internet searching has turned up nothing but bespoke pieces, which is cool, but we want 50-100 sweatshirts.

Any ideas?
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I don't know about for screenprinting but the Betabrand DARPA hoodies might be up your alley.
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What about a track jacket? I used to have an American Apparel track jacket and loved it. A little different than a hoodie but same concept.
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Alternative Apparel's stuff is very popular with some of our clients right now.
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What about Carhartt? Their thermal-lined hoodie is awesome. Bombproof and super comfy without being overwhelmingly hot.

The Praetorian Hoodie is amazing but not cheap at $175 each. It's merino wool so I'm not sure about screenprinting.
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As a counterpart to Alternative Apparel, there's also American Apparel. Their aesthetic is pretty minimalist, but they have a lot of hoodie options beyond the basic Champion pullover thing.

Sadly, I don't think they make that track jacket radioamy is referencing anymore. I lusted after that thing for so long, and then about a year ago I went to store to get one and they didn't have it.

Though if they do make them/you can get something similar, that was probably the holy grail of screenprinted/customized merch.

(hint: embroidery looks a million times cooler than printing.)
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I have the Carhartt thermal lined hoodie barnone mentions. The only thing I'd say is that if you guys end up needing some women's sizes, they're not available in the same color combos that the men's sizes are.

This is OCD of me, but I'm still pissed that I have a dumb sky blue lining in my rad black customized hoodie. The mens were available black on black, but the womens were not.
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Alternative Apparel makes a slightly-heavier-than-t-shirt-weight hoodie that this etsy seller uses for screenprinting.

(Full disclosure: I bought one. The light fabric doesn't give the hood structure. Also, it completely covered my butt (I'm female). dudes might like it though....)
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This Horny Toad looks nice!
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Continental Clothing makes a distressed-looking hoodie which my wife uses for screen printing; the distressed seams give them a slightly out-of-the-ordinary look:
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