Stylish alternatives to hooded sweatshirts?
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Stylish alternatives to hooded sweatshirts?

I love hooded sweatshirts because they're casual and comfortable. Under a jacket with hood sticking out, unzipped over a t-shirt, paired with jeans or shorts, they look great on everyone.

But I'm getting tired of looking at my set of 10 or so hoodies that I've been wearing for years.

What are some alternative looks I can sport that are similarly easy to do?
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I love an "old man" cardigan on boys. You can get them with zippers or buttons and if you go to the thrift stores, you'll find some really cool ones. YMMV, though, because not everyone likes that look.
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Warm-up jacket. Jean jacket. Rugby shirt, which if too preppy can be covered in patches.

I've got a "mr. rogers sweater - long-ish cardigan - that my wife loves on me.
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Wear a suit jacket over a t-shirt with some jeans. Instant badass.

Also, Nthing "Track jackets"
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My boyfriend wears a sport jacket over a t-shirt. It looks great.
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Zip-up sweaters!!!. Comfy AND they don't involve having to pull anything over your head thereby saving the 'do. Also go well with vests, hats, collared shirts, scarves, and gloves (fingerless or other).

A+++ would wear again!!
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I really love knitted hoodies; a hoodie made out of sweater-like material instead of sweatshirt jersey. I've even seen them with buttons instead of zips, which is brilliant. Basically a cardigan with a hood.

I know recommending Am Appy to someone who likes hoodies isn't really a quantum leap in logic, since you're probably familiar with them, but dude, check out this double breasted cardigan. Oh, man. They have more conventional options as well.

Ruffeo Hearts Little Snotty
makes crazy, one of a kind, really unique hoodies out of recycled sweatshirts. yeah, it's still a hooded sweatshirt, but it's a hoodie with a nu-rave chest plate or a flag hood or customized rainbow stripes.

They have a video tutorial on how to make their space helmet hoodie here, if you're crafty. They also sell it readymade on Etsy, if you're not.

My friend and I had the genius idea to take a really tight hoodie and shred the sleeves like eighties jeans and now that I've disclosed it everyone's going to be wearing them. Oh, the sacrifices I make for AskMe.

This trompe l'oeil Michael Jackson track jacket is hilarious and fly.
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Perhaps a sweater hoodie?

Penguin sweaters are pretty rockin, you can't really miss. The aren't too bulky, fit well & hold their shape.

Zip-ups are good, too. I love this Ben Sherman one.

And well-fitted (ie, tightish) vintage cowboy shirts (not too fancy- this one is probably the limit to fanciness you should attempt) are always a winner. They're not as avant-garde as they once were, but the shoulder yoke thing makes boys look athletic & yummy.

Look at skater/snowboarder brands, too, like:
Volcom (shitty Flash site, look at the "Men's 2008" "Sweaters & Jackets", though),
BoxFresh (they have cool hoodies where the hood attaches kind of in the front, so it has a more cozy look)
Jack&Jones has good sweater vests & zippy cardigans.
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Wear a suit jacket over a t-shirt with some jeans. Instant badass.

As long as the jacket is tailored to fit you perfectly, this is true.
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I, too, love hoodies. For a nearly 1-to-1 replacement with just a touch more class, a cardigan is what you're looking for. Cashmere or alpaca for ultimate comfort. Button or zipper, it's up to you. Zippered cardigans are a relatively recent phenomenon (at least I couldn't find any about 7ish years ago), so they lend a little modern edge to your look.
Sweater vests look silly on me but when they work, they've got a certain comfortable, preppy charm.
Polo shirts and rugby shirts are weekend staples, depending on the season. Pairing a rugby with a vest (puffy for fall and nicer days in winter, fleece or something light for spring) usually works.
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Leather jacket. I have 2 of these, one black, one heavily distressed brown (had to distress it myself, tho). Look great once they're broken in.
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as a seattle person, i find hoodies nearly essential.

so instead of eschewing hoodies, i often buy ones that are handmade, fashion-y or otherwise unusual vs. wearing normal plain ones.

specifically, today i'm wearing the cloak hoodie by a local company named prarie underground that makes hoodies out of organic/ecofriendly material.

their line seems to be all for ladies, but there's lots of sweet stuff on etsy for guys as others have mentioned...
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