iPhone notes app that shows number of notes on icon?
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When I have email on my iPhone, the Mail app displays the number of unread emails on the Mail icon on the home screen. I want an app like Notes that does this with the number of notes - and not through emailing my notes to me. No other fancy features desired, just something that gives me an easy visual reminder that I have notes to check.
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Maybe use the reminders app instead?
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Not to threadsit, but Reminders does not do this. I also don't want something that sets an alarm or ties the 'notes' to a particular day or time.
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The red numbers on the app icon, in ever case I can identify, is a "notification" indicator of some type. I don't believe you're going to find an app that utilizes that function in any other manner. as mentioned, using reminders could work if you just indicate the current date/time for the reminder. from that point forward those reminders will be indicated on the icon (this also gives you the date you created it).
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Some apps will also use the red numbers as a running total (think calorie tracking or budgeting apps). This article tells me that Smart Notes does this, although it's from 2010 and I haven't personally used it. nvNotes apparently lets you tag certain notes and have the number of notes under that tag show up as a badge icon, which may actually work better for your purposes. Very limited syncing support, though.
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Notesy has an option in the settings to show a "badge note count" which should be what you want. It does require a DropBox account.
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Thank you bcwinters and Phire, now I know it's called a badge and the question is Googleable.

The winner is Erica Sadun's To Do, which is free and does exactly what I need and nothing more.
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