I need help repurposing yellow sheet cake.
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I made a simple yellow sheet cake this week, and there is still half of it left. What are your ideas for making a dessert that is based around this cake?

The only half-assed idea I had was to try a strawberry shortcake-ish concoction, but I would love to hear other ideas.
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chop into small chunks and freeze mix in with jelled fruits for a cobbler, or in with ice cream (DIY COLD STONE).
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Best answer: Trifle is the stock answer - dice into cubes, and layer with custard, sweet cream, and berries, or whatever takes your fancy as an accompaniment.
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Cake Pops are fun.
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30 uses for leftover cake!
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Best answer: You can make the most amazing bread pudding ever!
Cube up the cake, bake or toast the cubes and then follow a basic bread pudding recipe.
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My first thought was amaretto, so I went googling. I've obviously never made this myself, but here's a recipe I just found where you make a cake, have it soak up an amaretto syrup, then cut it into pieces and cover it in chocolate to make bars. I don't know why it couldn't be done with an already made cake, except if you already iced it you might have to scrape that off, skip the chocolate covering, or something.

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Slice it into approximately ladyfinger-sized pieces and make a tiramisu-like dessert.
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I was going to suggest rum and put a lemon frosting or filling on it, making two layers and soaking only the bottom one, amaretto sounds lovely too! I am hungry now!
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make homemade zebra cakes.
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Bourbon balls! Yum.
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Tres leche cake.
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Zuppa inglese, which is a form of trifle, and frequently involves rum.
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my favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting so if it were me i'd just get a carton of frosting and probably eat it all in one sitting.
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Any frosting? If not, pan fry it. If so, batter and deep fry.
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Here is a bastardized Tres Leches recipe, that might work for you.

Tres Leches is so GREAT!
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If you're at a point where ANY dessert is just too much to think about right now, chop it up for whichever recipe you like above, then freeze the pieces in a ziploc bag. Take it out next month and have a new dessert ready to assemble.
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