Free reads--Best free books to download?
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I have to travel very light. It's going to be a boring trip. I have an iPhone. I'm looking to read on the cheap. What are the best free books to download to my iPhone?

SciFi and fantasy are easy reads while traveling, and I'm not adverse to a good mystery.

I've already read most of the free classics--Sherlock Holmes, etc.

What have you read from free current fiction that you would recommend? If you have an absolutely gangbuster engrossing non-fiction, throw it in the mix.
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Cory Doctorow's books are available for free and they are pretty good.

I read the first book of the Joe Pitt Casebooks by Charlie Huston as a free ebook and enjoyed it much more than I probably should have.

Check with your local library, I'm sure they'll have lots of good choices.
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PG Wodehouse is light and funny and would be a great travel read.
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My public library has modern popular ebooks for checking out for up to 3 weeks.
I can check them out over the internet using my library card, if your library supports this you can get some really good books for free.
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Blindsight by Peter Watts is a pretty fun read.
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There's a Complete Lovecraft floating about that some lady put together a few years ago. It really is a complete Lovecraft.
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Three of's anthologies are free on Amazon.
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Here's the complete Lovecraft mentioned above.
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Six SF lists at Readlists.
Benjamin Rosenbaum, The Ant King and Other Stories.
Charles Stross, Accelerando.

The Baen Free Library usually has some reasonable options, currently including David Weber's on Basilisk Station.
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This is so. What were some of your favorites?

Charles Stross, Accelerando.
Read this!

I've been enjoying the short stories at This Rocketship Will Crash, lately.
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Kelly Link's short story collections Magic for Beginners and Stranger than Fiction are both available for free downloads. If you haven't read them already, I highly recommend them.
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It's worth remembering that while the US-based is generally unable to provide files from after 1923, copyright laws in other countries are not so restrictive. If you are in Canada (, Australia (, or elsewhere, their collections, while smaller, contain works of more recent vintage. So, Phillip Marlowe instead of Sherlock Holmes, if you fancy it.

Munsey's, of course, is a weird treasure land of free pulp, along with the related Black Mask.
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Er, by Stranger Than Fiction, I of course mean Stranger Things Happen. It's been a long day...
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Came to Nth the Baen Free Library.

Additionally, Baen has released a LOT of their stuff that's not part of the Free Library on CD inserts inside other books (for example, the entire Honor Harrington series was inserted on CD inside the then-latest title _Mission of Honor_). Those CDs are freely redistributable, and often find their way to the Internet.

Getting those books onto your phone is an exercise left to the student, but Dropbox + iBooks works pretty well for me.
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I like the works of Jane Austen.
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Among the lesser-known classics, let me recommend:
Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat
G. K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday
Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow (a very strong influence on Lovecraft, and occasionally referenced in his work)

On the nonfiction front, if you haven't read Charles Mackay's Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, it's as relevant now as it was in 1852, and a fun read to boot.
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I'm sorry for not having a specific suggestion, but I love to browse the Amazon "Bestsellers" list for free books. Note that the right side is all the free books in order by bestselling. Some of them are not great, I admit. Hopefully the reviews can help you find something that would suit you.
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Miracle Jones, the crazy bastard behind This Rocketship Will Crash which sebastienbailard mentioned above, has two wildly demented scifi novels available for free on Smashwords: Sharing and Shifting.
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Ditto Blindsight, Accelerando. Besides Link's collections, check out Small Beer Press' other creative commons licensed collections by John Kessel, Maureen McHugh, and Ben Rosenbaum.

H. Beam Piper's charming Little Fuzzy
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Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott
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Response by poster: Wow! You guys are fantastic.

I appreciated the recommends for places to go for free books, but for this trip, I'm really glad people recommended individual books.

I've got a couple in line for my trip, and I'll be looking into all of them in the future.

Many thanks to all.
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