Best expensive iPhone games and apps?
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Every year my boss gives me an iTunes gift card for Christmas, and I just got around to actually redeeming a few of them. Now I have $50 and need some suggestions for how to spend it. I like to play games on my phone, but definitely stick to the free almost free varieties. I figure this is a good opportunity to sample something a little more... upscale? So, give me your recommendations for games and apps costing more than, say, $3.99, that are worth spending big money on.

I tend to like puzzle games, I guess, especially spacial and physics-based ones. I am a sucker for the evil addictive blockbusters like candy crush and plants versus zombies. I would be very interested in a game that would introduce me to a whole category I didn't know I would like. I don't do in-app purchases and don't intend to start. I like games where the sound is not essential because I like listening to podcasts while I play.

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Best answer: Bloons TD 5 is great if you enjoy tower defense type games.
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Best answer: Have you played The Room? I am not sure what it costs right now but I am sure you will love it.
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Best answer: The Room and The Room Two are both excellent.
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Best answer: Machinarium is $2.99 and very good.
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Room, Drawn, and Jack Pocket. (Surely Jack Pocket exists on iTunes??)
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On new categories ... Shadowrun Returns (RPG) is much praised, and quite expensive. X-Com (turn-based strategy) is a very solid port of the remake of the Microprose classic, and will eat $19.99 of your voucher. And I think Lords of Midnight is $4.99, from memory, and is a great, very faithful remake of the 1980s 8-bit strategy/adventure game.
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Best answer: Slay is a fantastic strategy/puzzle game. Completely addictive. If you like board games the app versions of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Agricola are all REALLY good.
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Every year I get a couple of these and use them to buy season passes for TV shows I otherwise wouldn't get to watch because I don't have cable.

iTunes also offers movie "rentals" and has a pretty decent selection. Most are in the $2-3 range.
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868-Hack (TouchArcade's review).
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Much as I love X-COM (shredder rockets FTW!) it's so detailed and graphics-intensive I don't think it'd be fun on a phone. I tried it on my 4S and deleted it. (Plus it's MASSIVE, so if you like being able to keep any other data on your phone, well…)

Non-free games I've enjoyed: Quell+ and Quell Reflect+; Type:Rider; Waking Mars; Helsing's Fire.

And you know about QuizUp, right? It's free, so it doesn't meet your criteria, but dang is it addictive.
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The Room is fun; haven't tried The Room 2 yet.
I just played Republique on ipad, it was fun. I think it would be still good on smaller screen? check reviews. it was 5 or 6 bucks.
Do you like movie trivia? And cats? My niece recently introduced me to MovieCat: all of the visual cues have the actors portrayed as cats, and in quotes adult language is replaced with "meow". It is entertaining.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has consumed at least fifteen hours of my life.
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XCOM IS iPad only, but pretty wonderful.
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If you have a Mac too, Paprika Is a great recipe manager. I have it for iPad and IPhone, but do most of my inserting on the Mac.
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Sword and Sworcery.
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Why not expand on the whole puzzle thing? You can get the Geocaching app for $10 and use it to start finding caches. You can take time just to do geocaching, you can just find one nearby if you're on a lunch break, you can go out geocaching on vacation as a way to get a tour of the area. It's fun and worth the $10 IMO.
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Osmos, which is at $10 these days. Don't need the sound, but it's great and atmospheric over headphones, so you may want to tune into that.

Consider, too, using this to bankroll some good reference apps, e.g. a real good dictionary and/or thesaurus, e.g. $15 Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus, or, for the same money, New Oxford American Dictionary with Audio, or $20 for Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Also at some point you may be glad you bought a serious all-around cooking tutorial app. The Professional Chef's a steep $50, and overkill unless you're really into it. How To Cook Everything for iphone is just $4.99
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A year's subscription to Evernote.
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Best answer: Euro-style board game apps are often $5+ each and well worth it: Agricola; Ticket to Ride; Lost Cities; Carcassonne; Samurai; Small World.... you can pass and play, play against AI, or play against friends online.
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Badland is a beautiful and fun physics-y puzzlish side-scroller.

There have been some great 'best mobile games of 2013' lists lately at places like RockPaperShotgun.

And, you know, in-app purchases aren't all evil, I feebly protest, a single tear tracing a mournful path down my f2p developer cheek.

Anyway, the Badland suggestion is yours for free; additional recommendations only 5 gems each!
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Since you said games and apps, I'll chime in here to say that Bjork's Biophilia app and the Moog Animoog synth are expensive but totally worth every penny.
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Fairway Solitaire! The music and the sound design (particularly the voice talent) are superb, and the game itself is beyond addicting.
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I haven't really played enough of it to feel comfortable fully endorsing it, but Device 6 is looking pretty intriguing to me. It seems pretty innovative in the way that it makes use of some of the functions and features of the tablet platform.

The only catch is that sound is needed.

I'll also second an Evernote subscription.
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If you like Tower Defense type games, Kingdom Rush and its sequel are pretty great.
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JHarris posted a great list of iOS games in a recent thread. He's a man who knows his games.
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Don't forget that you can also use that $50 to purchase movies. They can be quite expensive and you don't need to put them on your phone; they can go on whatever computer you use to backup your phone via iTunes.
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Why not have a trawl through your favourite free apps and see if there is a paid-for version?

Chances are that converting a couple of those won't break the bank, you get some of your favourite apps without adverts and it'll encourage the developers to continue working on it.
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What games did you play as a kid? Get iPhone versions of them.
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Oceanhorn is a much-hyped Zelda clone for iOS
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If I had iTunes money to spend. I would get one of the bird identification apps. I don't have one yet because they're about $20 but I'm still thinking about it.
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Wait, like an app which listens to bird calls and identifies them?

That is so cool.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions! I marked the ones I ended up buying as "best answer," but the VERY best answer turned out to be the recommendation for euro board games, which we play a lot at our house. My husband and I now lounge on the couch and play Ticket to Ride every night instead of reading so much metafilter.
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