Tell me Victoria's Secret!
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Where else can I get underwear like the Victoria's Secret cotton low rise hipsters?

In 2011 I was in the US and picked up some underwear from the Victoria Secret Pink range. I really like the cut, feel, look (and cheeky sayings) of the cotton/spandex low rise hipsters. These are the ones I think I have. I am in Australia and haven't yet found anything like them.

Can I get something really similar elsewhere? Preferably with cheaper shipping - VS want $28 shipping for items in a 5 for $26 range. And if I do bite the bullet and order from VS is their current range the same material and cut as the 2011 range, just with different prints?

Thanks all!
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Gap body has low-rise cotton hipsters (sometimes called hipster tangas) that I buy religiously. Only thing I will wear (barring 'special occasion' undies). If you can get yourself to an actual store, they almost always have a 5 for $20 sale going on. If you order online, it's worth noting that they tend to run slightly big. I get a small and I have a decidedly not-small ass.
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If you can tolerate shopping at American Apparel, I have these and they seem quite same-y to the ones in your link.
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