Who has business and marketing saavy?
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1) I need assistance with business and marketing issues. I know that there are organizations out there where retirees offer their services and expertise. Does anyone know any of their names????? 2) What is podcasting????? What is required?????

I am running a small yoga studio out of my home and am planning on expanding. I have never run a business before and would like insight and support from someone who has been there, done that. Same goes for marketing, in which I seriously lack expertise.

I am also interested in how podcasts are set up?
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1.) SCORE - Service Corps of Retired Executives. You should be able to find them through your local Small Business Administration office.
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SCORE is the service like Ostara said, and they also have their own website where you can enter keywords and they'll find someone willing/able to help you.

I think there were several informative threads on podcasting in the past few months.
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To understand what podcasting is, a good place to start is with the wikipedia article.
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I'm not sure if the podcast question is somehow strangely related to the marketing expertise question, but if it isn't, consider not putting two unrelated questions into one AskMe post in the future. It makes for a messy thread where people either try to answer one question or the other... or... people pile on you.
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I know, I shouldn't, but I have to :)

Why so many question marks?????
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Be careful with SCORE. We tried to use them some years ago and it wound up to be a couple of old guys who came in, met with us, and then came back for a second meeting where they "advised" that our best bet was to put them on retainer.

It was a huge waste of time.

You could go buy - and I'm serious - Marketing for Dummies and know a lot. Most of what you have to do to market involves just plain old work. You probably know more about it than you think. It's certainly not magic.
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