ISO a song called "Magazine" from the mid-late 90s
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Asking for a friend, who says: I'm looking for a song called "Magazine" that I seem to recall was by a local San Francisco artist, popular in the 1996-1998 timeframe.

I was out there for work one time during that time period, and I remember hearing it on the radio. I liked it so much I called the radio station to ask what it was. They told me, and I bought the CD containing it. I distinctly remember that the front cover of the album had many sperm on it, and there might have been an egg too, I forget. Unfortunately the word "Magazine" is so generic that I have not been able to locate the song.

Can you help us find the song?
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I think you want Magazine, by Lauren Christy. She's got an Alanis sounding voice and it's the right time period. Album art doesn't look right, but maybe it was a single?
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I'd vote for Lauren Christy too. That entire album is great. In fact, I wrote an AskMe question about one of the songs on it.
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He says that's it, thank you! (And the art he's remembering may have been inside, not on the cover.)
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