Wide Ribbed 100% Cotton Underwear that Stretched to the Moon
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The underwear that got away 10 years ago is still keeping me up at night. (Melodrama)

Once upon a long time ago, I owned the most special underwear I've ever known (how they came into my life, I do not know).

They were so stretchy, if you pulled the waistband apart you could nearly double the length, as they were ribbed--and not 1x1 or "baby ribbed" (a la American Apparel). I don't know much about ribbing, but each rib was at least 1/4th an inch wide, yet the material was thin, unlike other ribbed things I know of (sweaters). They'd probably originally had a tag indicating brand/care, but I'd have cut that out immediately--there only remained a tiny tag that read 100% cotton, which I always looked at in amazement (no spandex!?). In color they were a light, heathered-grey, but I'd take any color, indeed. *wipes tear*

They were the very first pair I wore when I laundered all my clothes, and often I put them on directly out of the dryer--I couldn't wait!, plus--warm clothes, you know. I happily wore them for years, until way past their due, when they had to be thrown away for the sake of decency, humanity and the love of God, and I told myself--someday--I'd find their kind again. 10 years later, I simply cannot sleep. I can hunt down online strange hard-to-find Korean noodle products that my friends insist no longer exist anywhere, but no underwear to match these has ever again come into my life.

If it means quitting my job for a full-time search, I must find them again, somehow. But perhaps, my friends, you can help me keep my job, perhaps you can help make my life complete, because, for the most part, I HATE UNDERWEAR.

Thank you.
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Unless you think it might have been a pair of secondhand underwear, it seems like the best starting point is to ask where you usually shopped for underwear 10 years ago, or where the people most likely to buy you underwear usually shop?
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This sounds like cotton crepe. I do believe it was made into underwear. This old home economics book mentions it.

It's made by weaving threads with differing tensions to them, so they kind of fight against one another, making ribs.

Hope this helps as a search term at least!
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I'm obsessed with comfortable underwear so I feel your pain. Maybe these ribbed briefs by Donna Karan? If not, were yours a brief, bikini, high-cut, etc.?
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I found some underwear that seems to fit the description you provided, though there are so many options out there, it's hard to know if this is right. Also, as I've discovered, the site isn't entirely SFW, what with the butts and come hither stares from the models. Here's hoping!
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How do you feel about spending $100 for a pair of chones?
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Or how about $65?
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This sounds like Calida √Čtude to me.
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Wow, you guys are amazing. I knew you all would kick my buns at this, fantastic.

I'm sorry if I failed to mention -- they were bikini cut underwear.

elsietheeel - Thank you so much, these are gorgeous underwear. I do believe steep in price for me, but I will definitely bookmark these.
Majorita - The Donna Karans look great! They are the most similar and the ribbing looks very similar in width.
but no cigar - These are beautiful, aren't they? And very well priced -- they do look rather delicate, but I think I'd love to try them!
Sidhedevil - Perhaps I'll see if Calida has any bikini style? Thanks!
fontophillic - I will have fun using this search term, thanks!

Any more suggestions are welcome! Thanks again!
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