Why won't this cash register open?
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Setting up a POS machine (Windows 7) w/ a STAR 100 on a LAN. Printer setup, check. Cash register, nope!

I am using the STAR TPS100 connected on LAN. So far so good. I have the printer registered on the machines thru the configure menu. Test prints all well and good. Now I have attached a cash register drawer to the printer and am using the utility. When going through the test phase, it sends the commands (or at least says i does), but will say the drawer is open when indeed it is not.

Does anyone have experience with getting these register drawers to open within the configuration utility? I've tried it as a STAR object and as the alternative.

Thank you very much in advance
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Does it say the drawer is open all the time, or just after sending it a drawer kick signal?

Also, you need to set the printer up as generic/text only for the drawer kick option to work properly. In my experience with them.

Is the cash drawer compatible with the drawer kick signal that the printer is sending? Might be a different connection or polarity kind of thing.
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Is the manager's key, perhaps, in the locked position
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When I run thru the test application it says that it opens. And it freezes/timeouts when waiting for drawer closed which leads me go believe its awaiting a signal.

Gic, where would I find that setting? For the generic/text only?
Plus I do have the settings correct in the device settings in the control panel for the drawer.

Thanks again guys!
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A drawer closed signal is beyond what I am experienced with. The ones I have worked with are simply one-way communication. It sends the signal and then it is done. So ignore my advice. You'll have to talk with your POS vendor or the cash drawer vendor, probably.
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For cash drawers meant to plug into the receipt printer, there are generally drawer models made for Epson, Star, Citizen, and Ithaca printers. If the drawer isn't meant for your printer type, it probably won't work as intended, even if the connector fits.

There are also standalone USB, serial, and parallel interface cash drawers meant to connect directly to the computer, and these are pretty much universal.
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