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Help me find a mattress pad and fitted bottom sheet that will stay on my full/double bed with me wildly sleeping on top of it.

I have always been an active (waking up and rolling over many times a night, flailing at demons in my sleep) sleeper, and I'm tired of having to refit the mattress cover and bottom sheet every morning. My mattress is 9" thick, with a foam pad built into the top. Does anyone have experience with a mattress pad that is attached by something more substantial than elastic on the corners? Maybe Kevlar would be up to the task. Does anyone make a "sack" type mattress cover in this size, that would slip over the entire mattress and then be tied shut on one end? For a bottom sheet, I'm looking for something tight-fitting on the corners, maybe reinforced there to prevent ripping, and again sans elastic. I'm not particularly concerned with thread count, as long as it doesn't peel my skin off. Any ideas?
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You can use sheet suspenders (scroll down past the, uh, boot suspender things). There are lots of other brands available on Amazon or other retailers if you have Prime or whatever; the search term you want is sheet clips.
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What I do is put the mattress + pad inside a mattress protector. (I get a size larger than I need, because I have a deep mattress.) Works great. Hadn't solved the sheet problem though, so I'll be checking out the sheet suspenders.
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I had sheet suspenders, and my tossing and turning always made them snap off in the middle of the night. The best mattress pad I've had is one from ikea. The pad straps around the body of the mattress horizontally rather than the corners, so it doesn't pull off at night. I no longer have the bottom sheet problem due to changes in my sleeping, so no suggestions on that front.
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I know you said no elastic but the problem you're having is not enough elastic: look for "elastic all around" fitted sheets. They hang on much better than sheets with elastic just on the corners. Land's End is one source. As for the pad, there's also elastic all arounds. Make sure to select the depth that best matches the height of your mattress + foam.
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Yeah, suspenders. Or even safety pins.
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I used to have sheet suspenders years ago when I had really soft sheets that wouldn't stay on, but I think it was more about the sheets than my movement, so I don't know if those would work for you since loriginedumonde said they didn't while tossing and turning.
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Are you up for a DIY solution?

I'd take your fitted sheets and sew some 2 inch wide cotton twill tape from each corner of your sheet. When you make your bed, tie each opposing corner's string together underneath the mattress. You'll make a big X with the strings.

If you can flip those off, you might consider sleeping in a straightjacket. ;)
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Zipper pad (anti-allergen pad), all-around elastic sheets. I am the Human Eggbeater when I sleep, and this works for me.
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