Winter in San Francisco
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It doesn't get really cold in San Francisco, but my bedroom's 45 feet from the nearest source of heat, so it's time for heated mattress pads! But I don't like the one I have. Help me find one with no hard or crinkly parts.

I have a queen bed. The Sunbeam mattress pad has a hard plastic plug like 6" from the end of the bed. It also has a big crinkly awful safety sticker on the corner. I'm tall, so the last 6" of the bed are where my feet like to sleep.

Hardly anyone in Amazon reviews even mentions these problems, but it means my feet get annoyed. I'm looking for a recommendation for a heated mattress pad that doesn't have any hard or crinkly parts on the top of the bed. I don't really care about zones or timers or whatever. Bonus points if the controller has a mode where it doesn't emit any light that's better than my current one (which has an aftermarket "covered with electrical tape" mode).
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I have the same Sunbeam pad with the same problem with the tag/plug. My solution is to turn the pad around and have the tag/plug under the pillow on the side of the bed I don't sleep on. It may be worth a try until you can find one that suits you.
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why don't you get a hot water bottle instead? heating pad are really inefficient and woke me up with heat that I had to struggle to get the right temperature. Hot water bottles are much more comfortable and tend to hold heat for as long as it takes me to go to sleep.
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FYI, you can just use a 2-litre soda bottle or anything that won't leak as a hot water bottle.
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Have you tried just putting a blanket under your bottom sheet? Use a really big one so you can keep it smooth and tucked in.
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Have you experimented with extra blankets/comforters instead? I live in the Bay Area and never sleep with the heat on at all (and I get cold easily!). The bed is cool for what seems like seconds before it's comfy again.
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Fellow Bay Arean here. I put a quilt under the bottom sheet, so there's another layer to sleep on and conserve heat, and use flannel sheets top and bottom for extra warmth. I also have several layers of quilts and comforters to trap heat.

If it's a really cold night, I use a hot water bottle -- it cools off nicely so I don't wake up in the middle of the night really baking and covered in sweat as I would with a heated pad/blanket.

I was going to recommend my Lands End electric blanket, which is so warm I use it without even plugging it in, but it seems it's been recalled! I'd second the suggestion to put the plug end under your pillow so you can't feel it, but be careful -- I used to get little electric shocks from mine sometimes because of static electricity.
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Best answer: Off a previous Ask, I purchased the King-sized version of the Soft Heat Dobby Stripe heated mattress pad. I LOVE it - heats evenly, no crinkling, and has auto-off/easy controls. The queen also has dual sides/bricks, so you'll need two outlets free.

The plug is just over the side of the bed at the top and is small. The light on the control dial is pretty dim.

When I need serious heat, I combine the mattress pad with an electric blanket, but mostly I just use the pad.
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Response by poster: I bought one and it arrived today. It is as you describe. Hooray! Luxurious warmpf ahoy!
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Best answer: Glad you found one that worked! Here's a suggestion for further warmth and softness: I've generally been snooty about natural fibres and would never have expected to like these, but as a guest at someone else's house I experienced fleece sheets, and since then I've switched to them at the beginning of every single uninsulated Bay Area winter.
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