Looking for a keep-feet-warm in bed device (to keep on the bed, not just socks)
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I want something to put at the foot of my bed to keep feet warm - a throw would work, but something more designed for the purpose perhaps- like a giant "sock" that slips over the end of the comforter that you slip your feet into or something like that. down or equivalent preferable, but post whatever you have!
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Have you tried kicking the comforter under your feet and making a DYI pocket? That's what I do and it works like a dream.
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I accomplish this by sleeping in my down mummy bag, partially unzipped.
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I have some down boots I call my bed boots. They go everywhere with me when I travel.
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Well, I like to put my ice cold feet behind the oh-so-warm knees of Mr. 26.2. :)

The other option is to pre-warm the bad with an electric heating pad.
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A cat. Keeps the tooties warm and toastie.
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like moxiedoll says. In the winter, when I get under the blankets, I lift them up with my legs and create a little pocket with the bottom most blanket. If I bring all the blankets under, I end up with my legs elevated and cold air seeps in. Only make the pocket with the bottom most blanket, and you'll be all toasty.
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I use a cat, heating pad, throw blanket, and husband. These methods are cumulatively effective but precariously balanced. The DYI pocket is what I do when I'm sleeping on my own.
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Hot water bottle.
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I took a twin sized fleece sofa throw and folded it like \/\/. It lies across the bottom of the bed, between the bottom sheet and the duvet. The edges of the \/\/ point to the foot of the bed.

There is a cheap Bloodbath and Beyond body pillow in the bottom fold.

There is often a hot water bottle in the top fold.

There are feet in the middle fold.
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I second a sleeping bag, you could roll it up. But I'll tell you my real secret. Have your grandma make you a quillow then, in quilt mode, turn it so that you can place your feet into the pocket. Annually explain to said grandmother that you don't know how the pocket keeps getting ripped.
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I use an electric blanket and it's pure heaven on earth in the cold winter months. You could get an electric throw to put just over your feet area.
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I use those big fuzzy socks. Tried the blanket/pocket type solutions upthread but found that it just didn't warm up fast enough. Plus, if you get too warm, you can toe the socks off (and then have to dig around for them in the morning, oh well).
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Duvet pocket ala moxiedoll with a hot water bottle or hot wheat bag tucked alongside feet. Mmmm toasty.
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The nuddle, a snuggie-style wearable blanket, has a foot pocket.
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A rice bag foot pouch! These things are phenomenal. All you do is stick them in the microwave for a minute and the heat lasts for an hour or more.
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Thick fleece socks are the cheapest. Hot water bottle is effective and cheap. I bought an electric blanket that has a boost feature; press the boost button for 60 minutes of extra heat, then it goes down lo low. perfect for pre-heating the bed. I often keep a wool shawl at the foot of my bed, which keeps the tootsies warm.
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Soapstone footwarmers! Old or new.
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Response by poster: Going more for something looser than socks; I was considering a fleece sown together and buttoned to my duvet cover. I sleep with a feather comforter and duvet cover and no sheets for softness but I'm also tall and live in upstate new york.
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