I don't mind lumps in my mashed potatoes, but none in my bed please.
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How can I get the lumps out of my goose down mattress pad?

I've had a goose down mattress pad on my bed for a while, and it has provided me with tons of comfy night's sleep. Today, while changing sheets, I decided to shake out the pad to get rid of some dust, in doing so I shifted the down in the pad and now the pad is lumpy. Does anyone know how to get rid of the lumps and redistribute the down in the pad to make it even and comfy again? Did I just ruin my pad!? Help!
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with down sleeping bags, we would always try putting it in the dryer (no heat, tumble only!) with a CLEAN sneaker. That would beat the heck out of the lumps and redistribute the down; I don't see why it wouldn't work here.
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I was going to suggest the same thing as jenkinsEar, only using a tennis ball (or two).
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If your down mattress pad is anything like mine was, it's way too big to put in a dryer and expect it to have enough room to be properly beaten up by anything. If I were you, I'd recruit some help over to your house to help you shake it out properly. With two people, you ought to be able to manipulate the fluff where you want it. It's much more difficult if there's nothing you can pull against to make the down move. This isn't a very inspired or ingenious suggestion, I know. But it worked for me.
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I have a Rube Goldberg -like suggestion for you that I have not tried, though I have done something similar.

Put your pad on your bed and get out your hair dryer and your vacuum cleaner. Use your hair dryer on the no heat setting (important!) to force air into the lumped up parts of the pad. Use your vacuum cleaner with the crevice tool to pull down from the edges of the lumps into the voids.

Good luck!
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