What makes more sense when broken?
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I need a visual metaphor or pun: something that shows "break for sense." What object or symbol can be taken apart, or decomposed, and then reveals something new? Ideally can be shown fairly simply, in an abstracted way.

I've come up with a few, but none are quite clicking. For instance, you can take a hard shell and crack it to reveal the seed.

This is for my personal brand. The original phrase comes from typography, where text is line-broken to make sense, instead of just to fill the page.
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A geode.
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Came here to say geode. I think some mineralogical society's legend is Latin for "We fracture to reveal." Maybe a geologist's hammer breaking a stone to reveal something.
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An egg.
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matroshka dolls
certain types of physical puzzles
trojan horse
corposes, bodies
(human) heads
nuts, e.g. walnuts
lockers, cabinets, cupboards
buildings, houses
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Piggy Bank - break for cents!
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atom bomb
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I think showing a literal broken thing would work against the meaning you're going for. And typography is awesome.
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A fortune cookie
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butterfly coming out of chrysalis.
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brain inside a skull?
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I like the piggy bank idea! I see ook's point about the literal broken thing working against the typography meaning you're going for, though.

Maybe combine the two, and as a visual aid, use one of those eye charts that is actually composed of split up words?

I made this one for you.
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A glow stick?
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Maybe one of those glass fronted boxes where you break it to activate a fire alarm or get a fire extinguisher...the "in case of emergency, break glass" things. But instead of a fire alarm, there could be something else inside.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas.

Piggy bank: agh, terrible pun (by which I mean great). But I'm not sure it explains the name so much as adds another layer of meaning.

I thought of the fire alam one. I was never sure what to put in there.

Ook, you're right, literally broken -- as in destroyed -- things might work against my theme. Things with pauses or rests, or less destructive "separations" would work though.

Pure typography is tempting, and the eye chart is a good idea. I will play around with it.
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Disposable chopsticks
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ooh, fortune cookie is a good one.

how about something like breaking a worldview, e.g. allowing one to think outside a box by breaking it?

but ultimately I like the idea above, but maybe break it this way, as the lines look more like real words and are therefore more confusing, and interesting, at first

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an acorn with a sapling sprouting out of it?
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